Verbz – Slumflowers

The almost relentless delivery Verbz lays down in the opening minute of Slumflowers is nothing short of phenomenal. Thankfully for our breath (yes we were holding it throughout) and his, he allows himself moments to vary his spoken flow between phrases. The warmth of the chords, bass line that’s almost absent in its occasional presence are the kind of un-invasive base that this kind of lyrical style deserves. Full marks.

#NewMusic from Croydon, England

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The Dash ‘n’ Verve Show #3 (21.1.18)

Back with a bang, it The Dash ‘n’ Verve Show.

Loads of #NewMusic plus interviews with Kieran Martin and The Young Wizard out of the UK, Blookah and Sita repping the USA. Listen, share, enjoy.


The Empire Police / Heaven’s Discrepancies

The Blame / My Dreams

Kieran Martin / Anomaly

Mystic State / Berlin (feat. Gardna)

The Young Wizard / 80 Days Above

Blookah / Around The Sun

Sita / Around Me

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