Drenge – Drenge

Personally, people in love make me feel warm and fuzzy about the world, maybe because I’m one of those people. Ask the Loveless brothers (Eoin and Rory) though, and you’ll probably get a very different answer. In fact, don’t bother asking them, just listen to the opening track of their debut, self titled album(1).


Hailing from Castleton, Derbyshire (population 649, circa 2001) and coming to the stage with nothing more than a drum kit, guitar, array of effects pedals and a “who gives a fuck” attitude, Drenge punch well above their weight with their noise per band member ratio.

I can pick out elements of a lot of bands I’ve obsessed over through years. There are QOTSA tinged drum fills on “Backwaters” and “I Don’t Want To Make Love To You”, a huge slab of Zeppelin at the start of “Gun Crazy” leading into an angst ridden Nirvana breakdown. Morello-esq guitar build ups litter the album. There’s definitely a hint of The Vines too.

Having had the fortune of warming up a recording studio for them in Liverpool before their raucous Sound City performance earlier this year, I’ve become something of a fan boy, a status that peaked when I finally caught them live at The Great Escape in Brighton. Yes, I moshed my way to the front. Yes I stood poised like a panther ready to pounce on its prey(2). Yes I nabbed their set list and a plectrum before swiftly exiting the venue. The performance itself was thick with aggressive pedal smashing (by both parties), lank rocker hair and stooped postures. The execution was the precise mix of looseness and metronome steady rigidity you want from a live grunge/blues outfit.

Back to the opening question. Have a listen to the album in full and you’ll get an even more candid answer from guitarist and vocalist Eoin about his real feelings about people in love(3). Let’s just hope he doesn’t encounter too many such people, it would be a shame if this is all we heard from the young brothers.

Their self titled debut album was released on 19 August 2013 through Infectious. Drenge are touring extensively from September. There’s no excuse to miss them.

(1) “…yuck.”

(2) Alliteration bonus multiplier activated.

(3) “…give up.”