Court Is In Session

I put it to you that the Messrs Vynehall, Sheppard, Peterson and Benstead represent all that is good about the British music scene.

Exhibit A: Gilles Peterson dropping an exclusive of EGL037, King Bromeliad (Saturday 22 March 2014, 6 Music).

Here we have a big, bustling jazz-infused stomper from Floating Points, co-founder of the ever impressive Eglo Records. From 3pm to 6pm every Saturday afternoon, Gilles Peterson melds soul with samba, hip hop with house, and anything with just about everything to deliver his Audio Vitamins show. True, Gilles isn’t strictly British, but we’ve been lucky enough to hear his shows since the 1980s and they’ve been unwaveringly good. That’s why he gets exclusives from the likes of Floating Points and label-mate Fatima.

Exhibit B: Benji B plays Leon Vynehall’s Inside the Deku Tree (Thursday 20 February, Radio 1)

Music for the Uninvited

Stream the EP here:

This is the first track on Leon Vynehall’s impossibly good EP Music for the Uninvited, out now on Martyn’s 3024 label. I had never heard Mr Vynehall’s music until it aired on the Benji B show. I dug deeper to find a clutch of other huge EPs from Vynehall (The Open EP and Brother/Sister EP both outstanding). In doing so, it dawned on me that Benji B, who produced Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show many moons ago, has also maintained a stupendously high quality threshold since Deviation first aired on 1Xtra.

So, the message is simple. Seek out Messrs Vynehall, Sheppard, Peterson and Benstead at your earliest convenience. Court adjourned.