Maths Time Joy – Sanctuary

A new one on me, Maths Time Joy makes some rousing, sensual sounds and the new EP – Sanctuary is no exception. Think vocals from Inc, horn stabs and guitar riffage a la Jai Paul with poppy twiddles from AlunaGeorge.

150427 - Maths Time Joy

Pick of the tracks for me is After Hours feat. Flores but Cerulean is worth a listen too.

Set for release on 25 May, add to your Friday night post date mix for guaranteed succex!

JP Manova – Longueur d'Onde

Despite not understanding a word of what’s being said, I know I like JP Manova’s rehash of Pusha T’s – Numbers On The Board.

150415 - JP Manova

There’s just something about French hip-hop that works, and this one’s definitely on my wavelength.

Ata Kak – Sounds from Ghana

Having first unearthed the Ghanian highlife artist Ata Kak’s super tune ‘Daa Nyinaa’ on a cassette whilst crate digging in the Cape Coast, Ghana, niche blogger (check out the very excellent Awesome Tapes From Africa) Brian Shimkovitz embarked on a 12 year search to track down the man behind the tune.

The long search led him to discover that the singer, real name Yaw Atta-Owusu, had been in Canada when the track was recorded and that only 50 copies were ever pressed. With no master to work from, the cassette he’d purchased had to act as the source for all future editions.

Re-released on 3 March, Obaa Sima, is available to buy now (LP, CD, MP3).

Leon Bridges – Coming Home

Timeless production and a real heart string puller of a lyric, Leon Bridges‘ lead track Coming Home showcases what promises to be a true talent to watch develop over the coming years.

Pretty disappointed that I wasn’t on the ball to catch his first London show during March, but I hear he’s returning for some UK festival dates this summer. Don’t miss them

Kelela – Cut 4 Me

Everyone’s talking about Kelela’s hypnotic new tune – A Message – But let’s not forget how we first learned to love her sound. This weekend sees the release of the deluxe physical edition of her 2013 mixtape – Cut 4 Me.

150405 - Cut 4 Me

Originals, remixes and classy art work, it’s nothing less than you’d expect from Kelela and label Fade To Mind. Get it now from Bleep (3 x LP + MP3 / CD / Download). Oh and there’s no doubt that she can deliver this live too…

Catch her on tour in the UK during May.