Kano – Garage Skank

It’s been ten years since DV first dropped Kano’s huge “Nobody Don’t Dance No More” back in our radio days. Now here we are in 2015 and he’s still making big hitters.

151030 - Garage Skank

Garage Skank is definitely delivering on all fronts. The video’s pretty neat too.

Who brought metaphors in this grime shit? Kano did!

Skepta – Top Boy

We have resisted the urge so far to hail the might of DV hometown Tottenham’s “Top Boy” of grime – Skepta. But we can wait no longer.

151009 - Skepta

Following his barnstorming year in 2014 (That’s Not Me caused havoc at raves worldwide and was backed up by a MOBO winning video that apparently cost only £80 to make), the upcoming release of the Noisey documentary charting Skepta’s recent sold out North American tour is accompanied by a track befitting of his role as a trailblazer in the scene.

Keep an eye out for the full length doc coming soon…