This week, I have been mostly listening to…

I could blame Brexit, or maybe the upcoming US Presidential or any number of other events that have come to pass since we last spoke, but I shalln’t. What I will do though is tell you what’s been tickling my ears this week in order to kick start a new era of great music bloggery.

Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force – Yermande (Kick and Bass Instrumental)

Rhythmically hypnotic with some splendid gritty live bass to boot. If you played this on a loop for an hour I’d probably not even realise, it’s really that good.

James Blake – Timeless (feat. Vince Staples)

I’m a fan of James. I’m a fan of when he lets US rappers do their thing over this beats. This is no different. Also check out Vince’s latest solo stuff – muy bien!

Trim – RPG

Trim always spits tight and when it’s over a beat straight out of the PlayStation generation, you’ve got to stand up and take note. Jimma B’s had his hand in this too, the talented little scamp.

Mampi Swift – Soul

Shout to SuperBarn9000 for this gentle reminder. Fresh out of ’97 and pretty damaging to the average hifi. Go buy some better speakers!

Firefox & Glamour Gold – Check Da Skills

Whilst we’re on that tip, let’s have some of this one too. Ooof!

Notable mention goes to Thom Yorke’s co-host on Benji B for a few of these. A very excellent show and well worth checking whilst it’s still online (