Nao feat. A.K. Paul – Trophy

So sue us, we’re a month (or a few) late on this one. We “UMd ‘n’ Rd” about whether to dive back in time to share our thoughts, but in the end decided a belated big up was as equally a strong endorsement of this tracks excellence.

NAO has been delighting our ears with her passionately soulful, at times rasping, vocals on a strong suite of solo tracks for the past couple of years (our pick of the bunch is ‘Bad Blood‘). A.K. Paul, as the name clearly indicates, is a relative, brother in fact, of music mystery man Jai Paul. They team up on ‘Trophy’ with a kind of modern funk that just has to pave the way for a revival and reimagining of the sound.

We’re pining for more from these two, individually and as a duo. Maybe even a trio with the other Paul brother. Let’s wait and see.