Bonobo – Kerala

Following the release of ‘Black Sands’ in 2010 and ‘The North Borders’ in 2013, Bonobo announced this week that there will be a new album in 2017 by the name of ‘Migration’. If the debut release from that full length is anything of an indication of what’s to come we at DV Towers are very excited.

‘Kerala’ opens up with the kind of Bonobo sound you might expect – layered ukuleles, reversed and disjointed drums, but then there’s a switch. In bound the kind of bump and grind drum beat you might expect in a house remix, coupled with a vocal hook that gets shifted all over the shop. All this said, not once do you think that this music is anyone else’s but Bonobo’s. Nice!

The video that accompanies the release will definitely get you thinking (and may just send you a bit loopy). Watch it all the same. Migration hits the stores on 13 January 2017 on Ninja Tunes but you can pre-order now. Check out the tour schedule too – it’s big.