Sleigh Bells – Jessica Rabbit

We’ve loved Sleigh Bells since the first scream of ‘Infinity Guitars’ pierced our eardrums well over half a decade ago and we are more than a little excited about tomorrow’s release of their fourth album ‘Jessica Rabbit’.

There have been some videos to whet the appetite since the summer, acting as a perfect visual complement to the audio assault the music provides. These set the tone well but don’t tell the whole story that unfolds over the 14 tracks on the new release.

To us, the vocals seem slightly (dare we say it) sweeter but only in their delivery never in their content. The guitars have a healthy 80s chug to them in places, which were anyone else to try it would sound kitsch at best, not here. The drums are as boomy and trashy as ever. It’s the smattering of somewhat unexpected sounds (acoustic breakdowns, plucked strings) and rhythmic influences (trap / happy hardcore drum breaks anyone?) that light this album up for us.

Tell your neighbours to hit town for the night, crack out the rotating disco light ball, cut the lights and crank the volume for one heck of a solo rock out to this one. Jessica Rabbit is out on Torn Clean on 11 November (the vinyl pack looks bloody awesome).