Backbeat Soundsystem – Into The Light

It’s an interesting format the EP, not a single, not an album, more of a taster to leave you wanting more. So is that what you can expect from Cornwall reggae outfit Backbeat Soundsystem’s latest offering: ‘Into The Light’? Read on, listen and decide for yourself.

The songs don’t race off the platter in the same way that some of the tracks from their previous ‘Together Not Apart’ album did (see ‘Fighting Bull’‘Hey Girl’ and ‘Losing Faith’). In fact, it’s a more mellow affair throughout. However you don’t feel any of the energy is lost, just re-channeled.

The full band’s in right from the off on opener ‘So Long’ whereas personal favourite ‘Satellite’ starts with a more stripped back, sultry piano,sax and drum part before opening up, thick with a driving bass line complemented by an infectious synth sound. The verse of this one funks along with reverb heavy shots from the guitar and rasps from the horns before you’re pulled back in to the grinding groove of the chorus.

Whilst the whole EP is thick with musical textures, there’s always the auditory space you need to absorb the strong vocals and the highly conscious messages they deliver. This is exemplified on ‘Falsify, where it’s the words and interplay between the two vocalist that take centre stage.

The back end of the EP contains two musically suave, classy numbers: ‘Stick Together’ and ‘Into The Light’. The former being fun and reflective, the latter a rallying call to stay positive, a message we should all keep in our heads right now!

Ok, so now we have stepped into the light and are bathing in the musical sun rays of the EP, we definitely want more…

‘Into The Light’ is out now on Easy Star Records.