Little Simz – Stillness In Wonderland

This blog has been re-written three times in light of the daily updates that have been coming out of Simzworld this week, but what a gift at this festive time of year. Little Simz has announced a new album ‘Stillness In Wonderland’ on Age 101 and it’s due out tomorrow. We’ve been mulling over the preview tracks ‘Poison Ivy’ featuring vocal support from Tilla and ‘Picture Perfect’ produced by Rascal.

Kicking off with dreamy tremolo guitars, what sounds like a cuckoo stuck in the mix (maybe symbolic of the madness that can ensue in a complex relationship) and a more lyrical delivery than we’ve become accustomed to from Simz. As the drum break kicks in for the chorus it’s balanced with a slightly distant guitar solo lick that really opens the song up.

Effect free guitar sounds, trap drums and a crazy sax going mad from the off. Add in the subtly emerging string break down later on and you’re close to the full orchestra playing on this one. Vocally, Simz is back to delivering strong, conscious bar after bar after bar…. This is a much more playful number than the former and indicates the diversity that may come through when the full length drops.

If these are an indication of the direction Little Simz is moving herself in, this is good omen of what’s to come. Roll on tomorrow and the full album.

As if that’s wasn’t enough, we also finally got a video for the super slick cross Atlantic link up Little Simz did with Kehlani earlier this year.

Kehlani’s typically US styled vocals are a perfect counterpoint to Simz’s now trademark London lilt. Isn’t Christmas just great!