Jarvis Cocker & Chilly Gonzales – Room 29

More a musical story book than an album, ‘Room 29’ sees Sheffield singer (at least I think he’s singing) Jarvis Cocker and Canadian pianist Chilly Gonzales come together to guide you through an individual’s inner thoughts and experiences based around a stay in a hotel.

At times the rhyming phrases Cocker presents sound a little forced, por ejemplo we are greeted with the following at the start of ‘The Tearjerker’:

“You are such a jerk,
You are a tearjerker.
You don’t need a girlfriend,
You need a social worker.”

But take yourself beyond this and let the narrative that unfolds over the album sink in deep. That’s not hard to do given the backdrop of beautifully keyed piano playing from Gonzales.

The addition of highly audible sound effects help paint a richer picture of the scene but got us thinking that really this should be a stage show rather than a pure audio offering. Maybe it will be in time.