Roméo Elvis x Le Motel – Morale (R.O Flip)

#NewMusic from Brussels, Belgium

Definitely a French language* feel to todays offerings on DnV. We’ve had a real soft spot for hip-hop delivered in French ever since getting the Taxi soundtrack for our birthday many moons ago (check Freeman & Karim Le Roi – Le Dernier Coup). R.O always comes correct with his edits and this one for the Roméo Elvis x Le Motel track ‘Morale’ is no exception.

The multilayered xylophone-esq tinkles under Roméo Elvis’ slick flow are playful and toylike, balancing beautifully with the swell of the bass and clack of the snare. Lush!

* Roméo Elvis and R.O are based in Belgium not France – very important distinction people!