Broken Haze – Nizmo [EP]

#NewMusic from Tokyo, Japan

Having spent far too much of our youth playing Gran Turismo, we are worrying familiar with highly tuned Japanese cars. Imagine our delight when we got sent a whole EP’s worth of tunes named in honour of Nissan’s motorsport division. The ‘Nizmo EP from Broken Haze is crisply produced and ready to move you at high speed around the night time streets of any big metropolis.

If you’re of the Night Slugs, Fade To Mind persuasion, this one will prick up your ears. The drums on ‘Fairlady Z’ are relentless, burying themselves deep into your computer game tuned mind.

There is a brief moment of respite during the double breakdown of ‘Skyline GT-R’ before you make a shuddering decent into another pit of drum battles and razor sharp synths.

The slowed down “level-up” style sound that litters every second bar at the start of ‘Silvia’ lifts you into what ends up being more a scene from Time Crisis than GT, with its volley of shots that fire around you.

Get in now on Beta Pack from iTunes and Juno.