Her's – Songs of Her's

The nostalgic jangle of spring-reverb rich guitars and trebly twang bass create dreamscape layers onto which tales are told through elongated syllables punctuated with a warbling flourish

You know that moment when you’re doing some mundane, unfortunately necessary task, like yesterday’s overdue washing up. But despite this you catch yourself smiling gleefully, feeling generally chipper about life, humming an infectious melody that’s lodged itself in between your ears. Well for us this week, those little melodies have come courtesy of Liverpool two-piece Her’s, who tomorrow will be releasing their debut collection ‘Songs of Her’s’.

The format is neither album nor EP, sitting firmly in the middle with its 8 full tracks (plus the 80’s super slap-bass funk interlude ‘Cop Theme’ for 9 in total). The journey through the compilation includes stops at the “evening on a Hawaiian beach” style, hula hued ‘Marcel’ and the infinitely danceable ‘Speed Racer’ with it’s Toni Basil-esque beat and descending run hook.

The nostalgic jangle of spring-reverb rich guitars and trebly twang of Audun Laading’s bass work create dreamscape layers onto which singer Stephen Fitzpatrick tells his tales through elongated syllables and at times, with a warbling flourish. On ‘Medieval’ he deftly glides between the gravel pit depths and reserved wolf cry howls of his vocal range, emphasising the song’s anguished message.

Give this collection some of your time this weekend and then make the sensible decision to go see them live as they head off on tour round the UK in May and June, including a set at Brighton’s The Great Escape.

‘Songs of Her’s’ is released on the Heist or Hit label tomorrow.