!!! – Shake The Shudder

#AlbumReview ‘Shake The Shudder’ Draws from all genres yet still sounds like !!!

Literally the most un-searchable band online. Try putting “!!!” into your favoured search engine and see what happens. Nada! Fortunately, with un-searchability comes intrigue and buzz. There’s always a sense of intrigue for us when a new !!! album drops. You know you’ll get something danceable, but how will they frame it? Their seventh full length release ‘Shake The Shudder’ certainly delivers on the rump shaking front, and through a surprising set of influences.

Lead single ‘The One 2’ warms the bass cones of your speakers. If it wasn’t for the guitar stabs and indie-pop vocal, you’d be mistaken for thinking the backing track had been ripped off the Rinse ‘Roots of Dubstep’ compilation. The skittering beat and grinding bass pulse would be equally at home in the transition period between UK Garage and Dubstep (or Dark Garage as it was back then).

There’s a passage in ‘NRGQ’ where what sounds like a harmonica fresh from The Doobie Brothers classic ‘Long Train Running’ which glides into the backing female vocal break.

‘What r u up 2Day?’ features a combo of deeply detuned vocal style used heavily by Tyler, The Creator and his OFWKTA co-conspirators and pitched up styles a la Madlib.

Want some by the classic House? Check ‘Our Love (U Can Get)’ had us searching Hardrive’s monster tune ‘Deep Inside’ to compare the two beats.

Despite the apparent disparate range of influences, !!! have managed to pull together a very coherent album that is very much worthy of your attention. Their set at Primavera in a couple of weeks is definitely on our to watch list if this is the arsenal they’re packing.

!!! ‘Shake The Shudder’ is out now on Warp.