Fervor Records – Mid-Century Sounds, Deep Cuts From The Desert

#AlbumReview The upcoming compilation on Fervor Records takes a deep dive into the career of Phoenix, Arizona music entrepreneur Floyd Ramsey

The upcoming compilation ‘Mid-Century Sounds, Deep Cuts From The Desert’ takes a deep dive into the career of Phoenix, Arizona music entrepreneur Floyd Ramsey. Floyd was the unsung hero, and unassuming man behind the scenes who dramatically impacted the emerging sound of Pop music starting in the mid 1950s.

You can savour this sax-solo-stomper from Fat City ‘Ain’t No Time For Stoppin’ as a little taster.

Ramsey’s innovative ideas, recording techniques, and keen eye for talent helped catapult singer Sanford Clark to the top of the Billboard Charts in 1956, then took Rock n’ Roll icon Duane Eddy into the mainstream conscious in 1958. Eddy’s distinctive ‘Twang Heard Round the World’ gave rise to the 1960s Surf movement.

Expect three decades of cult hits, deep cuts, b-sides and rarities from the archives of Floyd Ramsey, including previously unreleased gems on this limited edition double LP.

Side A
1. Ralph Smith with Bob Taylor’s Western Aces ‘Never With Your Heart’
2. Glen Morris ‘I Got The Blues’
3. Joe Montgomery ‘Two Time Loser’
4. The Tads ‘She Is My Dream’
5. Dave Moore ‘Four In The The Morning’
6. Gary Trexler ‘A Better Man Than Me’
7. The Newton Brothers ‘Start At The Bottom’
8. Ted Newman ‘Plaything’

Side B
1. Patti LaSalle ‘How Many Times’
2. The Gigolo’s ‘Night Creature’
3. Nick Landers ‘You’ll Never Wear A Halo’
4. Ritchie Hart And His Hartbeats ‘Do It Twist’
5. Roosevelt Nettles ‘Drifting Heart’
6. Judy Lunn ‘Old Enough To Have A Broken Heart’
7.  Al Casey Combo ‘Cookin’

Side C
1. Waylon Jennings ‘My World’
2. P-Nut Butter ‘I’m Glad I Knew You’
3. Phil And The Frantics ‘What’s Happening’
4. Donnie Owens ‘Boo Hoo’
5. Tommy Strange ‘One More Time’
6. Sanford Clark ‘Once Upon A Time’
7. Nadine Jansen ‘So Goes My Dream’

Side D
1. Christopher Blue ‘Happy Just To Be Alive’
2. Lon Rogers & The Soul Blenders ‘Too Good To Be True’
3. The Harvey Truitt & Jack Miller Project ‘Get Up’
4. Motion ‘One Afternoon’
5. Soul Blenders ‘Blending Soul’
6. Fat City ‘Ain’t No Time For Stoppin’
7. Michael Liggins & The Supersouls ‘Loaded Back’

‘Mid-Century Sounds, Deep Cuts From The Desert’ will be released on by Fervor Records.