RHEA – Dreams

#NewMusic from London, England

Will you please welcome to the scene new artist RHEA, who grabbed our attention with her debut single ‘Dreams’. A distant swell that suddenly explodes into life and the front of your mind. It’s like the moment you wake from a dream with a jolt but the opposite way round. Her vocal is moody and slips in and out of your attention in line with the movement of the synths. The bass is deep too, like the endless well you might find yourself falling down into throughout your dream.

A singer / songwriter hailing from South East London, RHEA began her musical journey drenched in the glorious sounds of early Jazz, Motown and Soul. Growing up in South London, she later moved to Spain and absorbed the bohemian culture and ever-thriving jazz scene, learning the language and developing further. Many moons were spent scribbling on beaches till she felt it was time to come back and release adventurous, compelling music.

RHEA ‘Dreams’ is out now.