Isobel Anderson – CHALK / FLINT

#Album #Review An album that offers a new layer of consciousness and contemplation with each listen

When you live in a fast paced, noisy city, the tranquility of an uncrowded space you crave when you need space to think and reflect can seem very distant. Whilst you may not be able to physically get out of your metropolis, there are certain sounds, smells and memories that can facilitate a mental escape. Isobel Anderson’s album ‘CHALK / FLINT’ is a collection of sounds that do exactly that.

For us this was an album that offered a new layer of consciousness and contemplation with each listen. Starting out with the sonic textures, we found ourselves moved between cliff top walks along stretches of deserted beaches (‘Flint Shingle’) and breaking dawns in misty fields as the world started to come alive around us (‘With You’).

Lyrically, the album raises points for discussion whilst simultaneously providing a base onto which you can arrange your thoughts. The track ‘_4284_’ tackles issues to do with body autonomy and abortion rights in Northern Ireland (Anderson’s adopted home) and the Republic of Ireland. ‘Motherchild’ highlights a mental conflict we are sure many people battle with – affordability of housing in places that we still insist on calling home.

The ability to craft music that enables such liberation of thought is powerful. CHALK / FLINT, Anderson’s fourth album, truly is a testament to the personal investment she has placed in understanding how sound can move us, and that is something this album absolutely achieves.

Isobel Anderson ‘CHALK / FLINT’ is out now.