Little Barrie – Death Express

#AlbumReview 19 tracks of pure guitar, bass and drum decadence

We have been fans of Little Barrie since the release of their Edwyn Collins produced debut album ‘We Are Little Barrie’. So impressed were we after catching them at the Rescue Rooms we featured the track Long Hair in our best of 2005 radio show. The Nottingham trio have come a long way since that gig, landing the theme tune for the Breaking Bad spin off Better Call Saul which caused quite a stir in internet land. So much so, someone uploaded a video of it being looped for 10 hours to YouTube – at the time of writing it has 130k + views, go figure! We prefer it live and raw, like this…

For those of you who, like us, were eagerly awaiting the follow up to 2014’s ‘Shadow’, wait no longer. This week saw the release of their fifth full length album, 19 tracks of pure guitar, bass and drum decadence named ‘Death Express’.

If you’re looking for the same infectious riffage as their now famed theme tune, we recommend ‘New Disease’. Fancy something to spice up your latest drum ‘n’ bass set, slap on ‘Love on Love’ (we implore someone to do a bootleg version for the clubs). Really you should just go out and grab the full length, sit yourself down in a wing back chair with a nice smokey whisky, make sure the hifi’s good and warm and let the vinyl spin.

Little Barrie ‘Death Express’ is out now on Non-Delux.