Melkbelly – Kid Kreative

#NewMusic from Chicago, USA

We think you’re going to like ‘Kid Kreative’ from Melkbelly, it’s a little noise-pop treat. The band were formed by vets of Chicago’s experimental and DIY scene and consist of Miranda Winters (vocals / guitars), Bart Winters (guitar), Liam Winters (bass) and James Wetzel (drums).

Speaking about the track, “Kid Kreative is about creating a unique aesthetic in art or music only to have it hijacked and manhandled by someone else who reaps the rewards,” explains Miranda Winters. “It was inspired by existing as a woman in the predominantly male space of loud-music where it’s easy to be both looked over and ‘borrowed’ from.”

Melkbelly ‘Kid Kreative’ is the lead track from their upcoming album ‘Natural Valley’ due for release 13 October on Wax Nine Records (Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz’s new label). Pre-order yourself a copy now.