Night Owl Collective

#NewMusic from Austin, USA

When you read an intro that says “collective / record label / family, focused on sharing beautiful music and art, and spreading good vibes, full of passionate artists from all across the world”, you already get that warm, fuzzy feeling. When that is followed up by a sonic adventure like the one we went on when we first encountered Night Owl Collective, all seems right on planet earth.

Diversa ‘Epsilon Lobby’ was the first stop on our journey. Starting off at half time before transforming into an ambient, pulsing drum and bass cracker. This one would sit beautifully in the middle of DJ Marky set on a Brazilian beach at New Years. Still time to put it in the bag people, plus it’s available to download for free.

If you like things a little broken beat with a weighty bottom then how about Primate ‘Integrate’. Some very slick drum work on this track.

There’s a whole suite of remixes of Synergy Sound’s track ‘Heavy Elements on show. Our pick of the bunch was the futuristic end of the night dance floor take courtesy of raibenZen. Flecks of Daft Punk with the bass and some well positioned guitar licks to boot.

Headed up by Jonny Ha$h, we’ll definitely be checking in with this Austin, Texas based collective in 2018 to see what more they’ve got to offer.