JD. Reid x Novelist – Ready

Best #NewMusic of 2017 from London, England

We round up what has been a super-strong year of music in 2017 with a track from two artists blazing a trail into 2018 and representing an original sound from a city whose musical output we have serious love for.

JD. Reid has been knocking out some tough productions for a good while now. The blend of Dru Hill’s emotive R&B vocal coupled with Reid’s tight, snappy style on his remix of ‘Tell Me’ is a balance that he is able to strike consistently and effortlessly.

For someone who is only just about to turn 21, Novelist‘s lyrical maturity and surety of his own style is spellbinding. Given that XL were hot to release some of his work and the fact that they appear to have Nostradamus like ability to foresee the future of music, we think it’s pretty clear the direction this MC is heading.

For us JD. Reid x Novelist ‘Ready’ is unquestionably our #Bestof2017, and there have been a number of strong contenders. We’ll be running down our favourites from some of the exciting up and coming artists we encountered for the first time in 2017 tomorrow when we make our return to the world of radio on our new Mixcloud show. Follow our channel at mixcloud.com/dashnverve to be the first to find out who made the list.

As the year closes out, do what Novelist says – “…take time and think…”. Once you have, you’ll be “ready” to tackle 2018. We certainly are.