What do you do when you love discovering #NewMusic but you don’t want to follow a blog for every genre?

You find someone who’s talking about the best of all of them, and doing it with “dash ‘n’ verve” my friend

With “dash ‘n’ verve” eh, what’s that then?

Dash (daʃ) – Vigour / Confidence

Verve (vəːv) – Spirit / Enthusiasm

Ok, I get it. So how do you do that?

We feature tracks from emerging bands, MCs, singers and producers we think are doing something unique and exciting in music, and we champion them on a blog called … Dash ‘n’ Verve. We also share all the #NewMusic we blog about on Twitter (@dashnverve)

I’m excited about discover some #NewMusic through you guys

We’re excited about sharing it with you and getting to know what you think too