What do you do when you love discovering #NewMusic but you don’t want to follow a blog for every genre?

You find someone who’s talking about the best of all of them, and doing it with “dash ‘n’ verve” my friend

With “dash ‘n’ verve” eh, what’s that then?

Dash (daʃ) – Vigour / Confidence

Verve (vəːv) – Spirit / Enthusiasm

Ok, I get it. So how do you do that?

We feature tracks from emerging bands, MCs, singers and producers we think are doing something unique and exciting in music, and we champion them on a blog called … Dash ‘n’ Verve. We also share all the #NewMusic we blog about on Facebook and Twitter (@dashnverve)

Nice! But how is that different from other blogs?

As well as sharing #NewMusic on the blog every day, we play the tracks through in full on a Mixcloud radio show every Sunday at 12:00 GMT. Plus, we ask every artist we feature for an interview so they can tell you their story, share their influences, creative process, favourite flavour of Jelly Baby. You know, all the stuff you’re really interested in discovering about them and their music

Ooh, I make music, can I send you my tracks and get featured on the show?

Absolutely! Have a read of our submissions page, then submit, submit, submit. If we like it, we’ll play it and ask you to record us an interview

I think I will! Will you also include a link so people can buy / stream my tracks?

Of course. We’re all about supporting new musicians in any way we can. Every blog post has a link to where the #NewMusic is available to buy and stream, plus we’ll include a link to the artist’s social media so you can follow them too

Oh what a good egg you are. Can we follow you on social media as well?

Sure you can, just type “dashnverve” into Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Mixcloud etc… and you’ll find us

I’m excited about discover some #NewMusic through you guys

We’re excited about sharing it with you and getting to know what you think too

Dash ‘n’ Verve is run by a very small team. Please don’t take offence if we don’t respond to you immediately, we’re just busy listening to, talking about, making radio shows to promote and mixing #NewMusic

Want to send us your tracks? Head to the submissions page to find out how. We listen to every track we receive and will let you know if and when we will be featuring your track if we like it