Cavalry – See The Night Perform [EP]

#NewMusic from Liverpool, England

A delicate, shimmering lake of music. Let yourself float across its wide expanse

“The EP title comes from the refrain at the end of ‘Black’, and typifies the loose concept, which is all about foraging intensely within to find hope and wonder in the cynical cycles of the modern age”

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Bon Voyage Organisation – Goma

#NewMusic from Orly, France

Using disco to explore world trade, cobalt mines and utopian ideals. Works for us. Beautifully fused international influences

“I tried to continue the musical expedition between dystopian Science-Fiction Haunted Africa and futuristic Asia. Addressing, in a double entendre manner, some of the political issues that I am sensitive to”

Debut album ‘Jungle? Quelle Jungle?’ due for release on 2 March 2018

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Radio Days – DV#25

#Radio DJ Format previews his FabricLive.27 mix on DV#25

Weren’t we lucky, UK hip-hop legend DJ Format gave us a sneak preview of his FabricLive mix (probably because we didn’t eat all of his chips when we interviewed him). There were also tunes from Blackalicious, Skull Snaps and Zero 7. Nice!


The Reavers / Shadows
King Geedorah / Impressions
Nas / Heaven
Blackalicious / Supreme People
Ugly Duckling / Bang For The Buck
Phi-Life Cypher feat. MCM / Red Alert
TB / TB’s The Question *
Visioneers feat. Voice / Replay


Skull Snaps / It’s A New Day
Marc Mac feat. Gil Scott Heron / Down South
Fat Freddy’s Drop / Flashback (Jazzanova’s Breath Easy Remix)
Jumbonics / People People
NeonPhusion feat. New Sector Movements / The Future Ain’t The Same As It Used 2 B
Domu / Long Way Up (Nu Era Remix)
Zero 7 / Left Behind

* Nope, couldn’t find this one.

Caspa & Rusko – FabricLive.37

#Flashback One of the finest mixes from dubstep’s heyday. Now 10 years old!

The only mix to make our list this year, Caspa & Rusko’s ‘FabricLive.37’ mix came out at the height of dubstep’s commercial appeal but still retained the originality that some of the new players of the scene didn’t seem able to appreciate.

The creator’s pairing of “Cockney” tunes that prop up either end of the mix represent their own sounds superbly and define the mix.