Lauren Ruth Ward – Blue Collar Sex Kitten

#NewMusic Huge drums and fuzz drenched guitars roar out but never overshadow Lauren Ruth Ward’s wavering and at times cracking voice

Huge drums and fuzz drenched guitars roar out but never overshadow Baltimore bred, Los Angeles based singer / songwriter Lauren Ruth Ward’s wavering and at times cracking voice. The breakdown is like you are tumbling into a well only to climb back out strong than ever with the whack of the final chorus. A stonking piece of rock.

Lauren Ruth Ward ‘Blue Collar Sex Kitten’ is out now.

The Trp – wasca

#NewMusic from New York, USA

Clarinets seems to be very fashionable all of a sudden. There’s probably some Freakonomics style explanation where they gave a load of kids free ones in school ten years ago. Anyway… here they provide one of the many polyrhythmic melodies that fire around this trap meets hip-hop beat. The warped vocals add to the push and pull battle that carries on until the tune settles down to take a breather at the end.

The Trp ‘wasca’ is available to download for free now.

Alyss – Pyramid

#NewMusic from London, England

‘Pyramid’ is the lead track from Alyss’s new ‘Alchemy’ EP. The tune bumps along with its periodically interrupted 4TTF beat and fast swelling synth hook that becomes more steel drum like towards the end. Her vocal steps up a gear compared to previous releases, fully opening the box on the tune and taking it to new musical heights.

Alyss ‘Alchemy’ EP is out now.

Benny Tones – Maybe In The Stars (feat. Raiza Biza)

#NewMusic from Wellington, New Zealand

Considered as the 4th member of New Zealand soul band Electric Wire Hustle, Benny Tones is a producer and sound / mastering engineer who also worked for many other artists such as Julien Dyne or Iva Lamkum in his Organik Muzik Workz studio.

His exquisite production and stunning ambient soul takes its roots in the smooth and warm Golden Bay where he grew up.

‘Maybe In The Stars’ features galactic dreamscape sounds, a kick that wants to break out all on its own but maintains its composure. Each phase of Raiza Biza’s sublimely annunciated rhymes is punctuated by a splash cymbal that expands in the sonic field before disappearing.

Benny Tones ‘Maybe In The Stars’ is out now on Airdrop Records.

Radio Days – DV#10

#Radio It’s number 10. A chilled affair with tunes from the likes of Guru, Nancy Holloway and Nightmares on Wax

We made it to ten shows. Don’t worry, there were more to come after this. Greg Haywood joined us for a guest mix after his roadblock set at the Infectious night the week before. Other than that it was a more chilled show with tunes from the likes of Guru, Nancy Holloway and Nightmares on Wax.


Gift of Gab / Rat Race
Mos Def feat. Ghostface Killah / Ms Fat Booty II
Gorillaz / Feel Good Inc.
Guru feat. Bilal / Certified
Amp Fiddler / I Believe In You (Jaylib Remix)
Brother Jack McDuff / Oblighetto (J Dilla Version)
Nancy Holloway / Hurt So Bad
Raphael Saadiq / Skyy, Can You Feel Me


Recloose / Can’t Take It
Nightmares on Wax / Ease Jimi
Umod / Tromboline
Domu feat. Nix / Last Time
The Roots / Web

* Yeah you guessed it, no tracklist