The Pale White

#NewMusic from Newcastle, England

It’s Sunday and we’re feeling generous so today we’re giving you two tracks from a new band to us. They’re a three piece from Newcastle upon Tyne and they make ear worm worthy throwback rock. First up we have ‘That Dress’.

This track feels like a guilty pleasure with it’s slight pop take on a tried and tested rock format. But hey, we’ve found ourselves listening to it on a loop so feel no shame. Applause to Drums Eat Everything for bringing us to this one.

Next up we have the official debut single ‘Reaction’. The vibe’s pretty similar with its singalong chorus preceding guitar lick fire that comes through post-chorus.

Let’s see what 2017 brings for these gents.

RDGLDGRN – Opera feat. Method Man

Sounds like people are getting angry in the US. Here’s RDGLDGRN view on things in the video for ‘Opera’ featuring none other than Method Man.

Oh, and Zac de la Rocha has something to say in there too.

Apollo Brown & Skyzoo – Nodding Off

#NewMusic from Detroit, USA

There’s not enough trumpet in hip-hop these days. Luckily Apollo Brown & Skyzoo are seeing to that on this track ‘Nodding Off’ from the album ‘The Easy Truth’.

Don’t worry, your speakers aren’t broken. The vinyl crackle is meant to be there at the start of the track. It’s their vibe!

Chance the Rapper – Same Drugs

The video’s simple but it’s genuinely brilliant. Talking of genuine, I think the surprise on Chance’s face when the puppet kicks in with Eryn Allen Kane’s exquisite vocal is exactly that.

If you’re liking this then get yourself listening to the whole ‘Coloring Book’ album which dropped last year and won a Grammy at the weekend!

Devlin – Blow Your Mind

Is it just us or has Devlin gone grey? Must be those ten years hard graft in the game!

Still delivering a rapid fire stream of conscious lyrics, this latest track from his new album ‘The Devil In’ (see what he’s done there!?) features the vocal backing of Maverick Sabre.