Lil Crack – Inner Fight

This one’s a bruiser, I mean you will be covered in audio induced welts after listening to it, no joke.

Expect four original, bass and breaks heavy tracks ready to shut down any late night event. Served with a side of remixes (from Spooky, Endgame, Pixelord and GHSTGHSTGHST) each with a similarly devastating impact.

The ‘Inner Fight’ EP is out on Tommy Kid and Calcium’s Parisian imprint [Re]Sources. Get your gumshield in for this one.

A nod to // insert // for this one.

Roberto – Lunar Waves

New sounds from Toronto heavyweight Roberto and it’s a cracker.

Opener ‘In The Galleria’ has a pretty sublime aqueous beginning before it drives forward with a weighty low end punch, interspersed with more watery breaks and rapid digital panpipe runs. There’s a great shimmering bounce to title track ‘Lunar Waves’ which really opens out as it progresses.

Closer ‘When U Come Around’ has really grabbed us though. There’s a rich texture from the pads that lie beneath the repeating synth motifs which fade in and out throughout. The drums feel as they’ve been bathed in sunshine for an afternoon. This one’s could easily sweep you down an open, empty highway as you make your way into some unknown city on a summer road trip (it’s summer somewhere in the world right now).

‘Lunar Waves’ is out tomorrow on No Bad Days.

Jorja Smith – Something In The Way

Here’s a little simply sublime slice of neo soul to warm you up as winter looms and the nights draw in.

A haunting choral introduction may appear a touch misleading of the song that develops but in fact becomes a strong motif throughout the song. A kick off of a slow drum groove, shuffled along by the ever present shakers. The partnering of a sparse yet ebullient bassline, sitting over the top of glowing guitar chords with its occasional flourishes (the solo is definitely two thumbs fresh). You’re into the track now. All of this however is simply groundwork to an accomplished, heartfelt and at times sassy vocal performance from Jorja.

Taken from the Project 11 release, which showcases the versatility of Jorja’s vocals on a mixture of mellower (‘So Lonely’ and ‘Carry Me Home’) and more uptempo (‘Imperfect Circle’) tracks. Safe to say this project has definitely been a success in our ears.

L.M.Y.E. – Manhattan

This is a pure dance floor delight. We could leave it at that and let the track play out to justify the accolades it deserves, but that wouldn’t be a DnV post now would it.

The temptingly building and unashamedly 2-step beat coupled with the “ruff ‘n’ tuff” underbelly of the track delivered by the bass line and it’s three note rising motif at the end of each phrase is what really hooked us (the low frequency gluttons that we are). The echoing of that motif in higher octaves, oh and the lusciously striking prominence of the piano that flickers into the frame every now and again, brings this all together spectacularly.

Shanti Celeste’s remix takes ‘Manhattan’ in a lighter direction and feels as though it fits better at the “rising sun in the morning” end of the night out spectrum rather than the “just past midnight ramp up” vibe of the original. Both have their place, both are excellently executed.

Pop to Idle Hands in Bristol to get your copy and thank the label that released this in person.

Arşivplak – Turkish Disco Folk

We genuinely don’t know a great deal about the artist(s), track or origins of this one but it’s been somewhat addictive do our ears and has definitely opened them up to hearing more Turkish music. What’s more it’s out on a lovely 7″ – yes please!

Any tips? Let us know