Chaisley Lussier – Fast Love

#NewArtist Some delightful keys swells and dreamy plucked guitars on this track. The vocal’s soft and sultry, and we reckon hiding quite a bit more power

Some delightful keys swells and dreamy plucked guitars on this track ‘Fast Love’ from Chaisley Lussier. The vocal’s soft and sultry, and we reckon hiding quite a bit more power. We can’t tell you much else about her, but we’ll certainly be keeping our ears peeled for more from her.

Chaisley Lussier ‘Fast Love’ is out now.


#NewMusic from Los Angeles, USA

LA’s WENS has dropped a cracker of a newbie this week. Weighty low level rotating swells and that glorious soft vocal of hers. Delicious!

WENS ‘If’ is out now.

Cabrakid – Make This World Make Sense [EP]

#NewMusic from Norwich, England

We fell for the conscious lyrical streams of High Priest Cabrakan and the hip-hop flavoured shuffles produced by Allergy Kid when we reviewed their Busy With Another release late last year. So it was very pleasing to wake up this morning safe in the knowledge that there would be new Cabrakid music to binge on.

There’s an effortlessness to HPC’s flow that is almost soothing. You find that you cannot, not listen to what he has to say. Add to this the fact that you can follow his every word due to his on point annunciation, positions him as an emcee well above others in his peer group.

The production on this EP retains the smoky jazz bar feel of the previous release but brings in some more digital elements to blend with the analogue authenticity that resonates throughout.

There’s a Sa-Ra Creative Partners style bass bounce to ‘When I Need You’ that complements perfectly the vocal features of William Sanders and Zebedee.

The glassy, underwater feel of ‘Both Hands Free’ provides yet another perfect backdrop for the collection of voices that shine through. This time additional lines comes from (DnV favourite) Harvey Causon, William Sanders once again and froots.

Cabrakid ‘Make This World Make Sense’ is out now. You’d be a mug not to get a copy.

Brockhampton – Heat

#NewMusic from Los Angeles, USA

These boys are pissed at a lot of things, but mostly the cops. The simplicity of the video’s setting in a LA South Central residential street echoes the home studio production sound of the tune. Neither of these take away from the punch the track packs though.

This one’s got snarl.

KWAYE – Little Ones

#NewMusic from Los Angeles, USA

After the slow launch get ready to be jetted into a world of power punch R&B and soul. KWAYE’s vocal sits proud up front in the track with double ups creating powerful emphasis over the dramatic synth chords and sparse drums.

KWAYE ‘Little Ones’ is available to download for free now.