Sleigh Bells – Jessica Rabbit

We’ve loved Sleigh Bells since the first scream of ‘Infinity Guitars’ pierced our eardrums well over half a decade ago and we are more than a little excited about tomorrow’s release of their fourth album ‘Jessica Rabbit’.

There have been some videos to whet the appetite since the summer, acting as a perfect visual complement to the audio assault the music provides. These set the tone well but don’t tell the whole story that unfolds over the 14 tracks on the new release.

To us, the vocals seem slightly (dare we say it) sweeter but only in their delivery never in their content. The guitars have a healthy 80s chug to them in places, which were anyone else to try it would sound kitsch at best, not here. The drums are as boomy and trashy as ever. It’s the smattering of somewhat unexpected sounds (acoustic breakdowns, plucked strings) and rhythmic influences (trap / happy hardcore drum breaks anyone?) that light this album up for us.

Tell your neighbours to hit town for the night, crack out the rotating disco light ball, cut the lights and crank the volume for one heck of a solo rock out to this one. Jessica Rabbit is out on Torn Clean on 11 November (the vinyl pack looks bloody awesome).

Tangerué – Doin' Your Own Thing

This rather exquisite slice of late 70’s disco funk alerted itself to us through some timely spins on a couple of favourite radio shows of ours.

We literally cannot get enough of the layer upon layer of instrumentation that comes through over the course of the song as you journey towards dance floor nirvana. The Weather Report-esq break at 5:00 is a particular favourite.

Not much is known about the characters behind this so we’ll just let the music provide the detail. Time to dust off the roller skates maybe?

Bonobo – Kerala

Following the release of ‘Black Sands’ in 2010 and ‘The North Borders’ in 2013, Bonobo announced this week that there will be a new album in 2017 by the name of ‘Migration’. If the debut release from that full length is anything of an indication of what’s to come we at DV Towers are very excited.

‘Kerala’ opens up with the kind of Bonobo sound you might expect – layered ukuleles, reversed and disjointed drums, but then there’s a switch. In bound the kind of bump and grind drum beat you might expect in a house remix, coupled with a vocal hook that gets shifted all over the shop. All this said, not once do you think that this music is anyone else’s but Bonobo’s. Nice!

The video that accompanies the release will definitely get you thinking (and may just send you a bit loopy). Watch it all the same. Migration hits the stores on 13 January 2017 on Ninja Tunes but you can pre-order now. Check out the tour schedule too – it’s big.

Nao feat. A.K. Paul – Trophy

So sue us, we’re a month (or a few) late on this one. We “UMd ‘n’ Rd” about whether to dive back in time to share our thoughts, but in the end decided a belated big up was as equally a strong endorsement of this tracks excellence.

NAO has been delighting our ears with her passionately soulful, at times rasping, vocals on a strong suite of solo tracks for the past couple of years (our pick of the bunch is ‘Bad Blood‘). A.K. Paul, as the name clearly indicates, is a relative, brother in fact, of music mystery man Jai Paul. They team up on ‘Trophy’ with a kind of modern funk that just has to pave the way for a revival and reimagining of the sound.

We’re pining for more from these two, individually and as a duo. Maybe even a trio with the other Paul brother. Let’s wait and see.

iZem – Hafa

If you’re a fan of sounds developed as a result of a globetrotting musician indulging in cross-cultural collaborations, then iZem – Hafa, released on the most excellent Soundway Records is an absolute must.

The album charts an exploration through Latin, African and Arabic influences, blending together beautifully analogue and synthesised elements.

Sit yourself down at the end of a hard day, pour yourself a glass of something delicious and lose yourself in the inspirational soundscapes that this album has to offer. Then go and get yourself a ticket for one of the live shows coming up later this year.