Do you make music with “dash ‘n’ verve”?

With “dash ‘n’ verve” eh? What’s that about then?

Dash (daʃ) – Vigour / Confidence

Verve (vəːv) – Spirit / Enthusiasm

Yes, yes I do actually

Well, then we want to listen to it, talk about it with our mates in the pub and share it with people on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and our weekly Mixcloud Show (starting January 2018)

Read on to find out how to send us your music

Submissions Policy

Please read our super simple four step submissions policy before sending us a track for consideration

Step 1

Have a listen to the music we’ve posted recently on the blog. Found something you like? Something that’s similar, but obviously totally different (because your sound is unique)? Good. Now go share that post with your mates on social media and tag us (@dashnverve) when you do so we can say thanks! You may now proceed to step 2…

Step 2

Is your music available to stream on a free public platform like SoundCloud or YouTube? If the answer is yes to either of those options, on you go to step 3…

Step 3

Can people buy your music online? If you answered yes to that one too, even better. If not, don’t worry, you can still go to step 4…

Step 4

Drop us an email to dashnverve[@] making sure it includes the following details:

Email title: #NewMusic Submission – Artist / Band Name – Song Name

Email content:

> Say hello to us, we are real people

> Tell us where in the world you are based

> Include a link to your latest track that you want us to consider for the blog
(we prefer SoundCloud but YouTube’s great too)

> If the track is available to buy, include a link

> Tell us which is your preferred social media link
(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc…)

Dash ‘n’ Verve is run by a very small team. Please don’t take offence if we don’t respond to you immediately, we’re just busy listening to, talking about, making radio shows to promote and mixing #NewMusic

We listen to every track we receive and will let you know if and when we will be featuring your track if we like it

We prioritise submissions from artists directly but do welcome emails from management and PR for appropriate artists and tracks