J Tropic – Thinking Of U

#NewMusic from London, England

You may know J Tropic from previous link ups with DnV favourite Alyss (see T S I E R and Pyramid) or his rather excellent take on Jai Paul’s Jasmine. Time for his own sounds to shine, and that’s exactly what they do on his new track ‘Thinking Of U’. A gentle tempo to the beat, layers of tuned percussion, flashes of low level synth swells and beautifully added bird sounds combine to create an image of early mornings on a terrace in some far away land as you pine for that special someone.

J Tropic ‘Thinking Of U’ is out now on ROYALBEACH.

Alyss – Pyramid

#NewMusic from London, England

‘Pyramid’ is the lead track from Alyss’s new ‘Alchemy’ EP. The tune bumps along with its periodically interrupted 4TTF beat and fast swelling synth hook that becomes more steel drum like towards the end. Her vocal steps up a gear compared to previous releases, fully opening the box on the tune and taking it to new musical heights.

Alyss ‘Alchemy’ EP is out now.

9 Must See Acts – The Great Escape (2017)

#FestivalPreview Our ‘9 Must See Acts’ playing at The Great Escape in Brighton

In two weeks time Brighton will become a new music metropolis for the weekend as the town’s venues open their doors for the annual music festival and conference – The Great Escape. With over 400 acts representing 28 countries playing it can be tough to choose who to go and see. Fear not, we have taken the time to listen to every single one (no seriously, we have) and put together a short list of “9 Must See Acts”.

Gardna (@gardnauk)

Tip-top dubby beats and positive flows. We loved his spin on ‘Push Things 4ward’ for Brapp TV the other month.

Where: The Hope & Ruin, 11-12 Queens Road, BN1 3WA
Showtime: Thursday 18 May @ 14:30

Howl (@Howldem)

Bounding drums, layer upon layer of guitars and great vocals dished up with a splash of psychedelia.

Where: Sallis Benney Theatre, 58-67 Grand Parade, BN2 0JY
Showtime: Thursday 18 May @ 18:45

Rejjie Snow (@rejjiesnow)

He’s from where? Dublin. What US state is that in again? With rhymes and beats to take on the best in the business stateside, Ireland’s Rejjie Snow is an absolute must see.

Where: Wagner Hall, Regency Road, BN1 2RT
Showtime: Thursday 18 May @ 22:00

Jacques (#JacquesAuberger)

Blending milk bottle drums, synth swells with soft sweet French vocals. For a masterclass in making music with literally anything you can find in your house, check this video he did for Cactus Club. He may also have the best hair do in the biz.

Where: Komedia Studio, 44-47 Gardner Street, BN1 1UN
Showtime: Thursday 18 May @ 23:15

EAT FAST (@eatfastmusic)

Raucous guitar riffage and battered drums with a surfer dude undertone. Don’t ask them to cook you breakfast.

Where: Horatio’s, Brighton Pier, Madeira Drive, BN2 1TW
Showtime: Friday 19 May @ 20:15

Code Walk (#CodeWalk)

Stripped back electronic bubblers with plenty of squelch. Their link up with fellow Great Escape performers Smerz on ‘Guess What’ will take your mind to some curious places. We’re excited to see what else they’ve got on their hard drive.

Where: Komedia Studio, 44-47 Gardner Street, BN1 1UN
Showtime: Friday 19 May @ 00:30

Blue Lab Beats (@BlueLabBeats)

Their ‘Blue Skies’ EP is one of the most vibey compilations of music we’ve heard in a long time. With hints of jazz, soul and hip-hop, duo NK-OK and Mr DM are at the forefront of the UK’s nu-jazz scene.

Where: Marine Room – Harbour Hotel, 64 King’s Rd, BN1 1NA
Showtime: Saturday 20 May @ 14:30

Nova Twins (@NovaTwinsMusic)

Absolutely nailing that grunty bass sound then chucking some attitude ridden lyrics into the mix for good measure.

Where: Prince Albert, 48 Trafalgar Street, BN1 4ED
Showtime: Saturday 20 May @ 19:30

Bad Sounds (@realbadsounds)

If you want to have some fun, we reckon Bad Sounds are the band for you. They don’t seem to take themselves too seriously and make some great Beck-esq sounds.

Where: Horatio’s, Brighton Pier, Madeira Drive, BN2 1TW
Showtime: Saturday May @ 21:00

Logistically you may have to get your roller skates on to dart between a few of these gigs, but we’re certain you won’t be disappointed.

We also highly recommend the following acts, all of whom we have featured here on Dash ‘n’ Verve in the past: Smerz, Shogun, Anna Straker, Poppy Ajudha, Middle Kids, Liv Dawson, Flamingods, North Downs, Chinah, Coco, Abra Cadabra, Alyss.

Alyss – T S I E R

WARNING: Don’t watch the video for, nor think about the concept behind this song if you are prone to introspective thinking of a deep philosophical nature.

T S I E R (“this shit isn’t even real”) is slow building but ultimately opens out to be a belting bit of dance/pop goodness. The layers of haunting vocals blend with the uncomplicated but addictive shamanic rhythm and fish-hook melody to “take [you] to another place where the stars won’t beat [you] sideways”.

Last week also saw the release of a plum pair of remixes from the likes of Jynx and Adesse Versions. Extend your audio pleasure by taking a listen below.

Thanks to Drums Eat Everything for the nod on this one. Immaculate taste as always.