Golden Vessel – Less~More

#NewMusic from Brisbane, Australia

Golden Vessel (a.k.a Max Byrne) is a one-man power house producer of electronic, down-tempo, chillwave from Brisbane, Australia. We’re loving the track ‘Less~More’ featuring OKBadlands from the ‘Right/Side’ EP. A hypnotic blend of lazy beats, dreamy vocals and synth flash motifs.

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Fortunes. – Linen [Drums Eat Everything Takeover]

#NewMusic from Melbourne, Australia

An unexpected blend of trebly drums, soulful vocals, reggae influenced guitar stabs and deep eerie synths on Drums Eat Everything‘s penultimate selection of the week. Melbourne (Aus) via Hamilton (NZ) duo Fortunes. and their track ‘Linen’ caught our ear for sure.

Fortunes. ‘Linen’ is out now on Future Classic.

Kllo – Virtue

#NewMusic Melbourne, Australia

There are a number of obvious influences behind Kllo’s track ‘Virtue’ but let’s not focus on those, let’s talk about Kllo’s sound. Combining delicate, sweet R&B vocals with purposeful beats and well considered synths, this is dance music to close out a euphoric night to. Keep your ears out for more from this pair in the future.

Kllo ‘Virtue’ is out now.

Tabrill – Lossless feat. Emily

#NewMusic from Brisbane, Australia

The ability to craft soundscapes that take you away to previously unimagined lands is something that Australian producer Tabrill has by the bucketload. His latest offering ‘Lossless’ features the vocal efforts of the mononymously titled Emily. The sounds are tranquil, brushed with sweeps of beach dune wind with every element finding its own space in the mix perfectly.

Tabrill ‘Lossless’ feat. Emily is out now.

cln – Switch Gears feat. pseudo

#NewMusic from Brisbane, Australia

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d just tuned into a 70s corporate training video as the xylophone-style run pans left to right on the opening to Australian producer cln’s new track ‘Switch Gears’. Listen on and you’ll find a very different world rich with full (but not over powering) bass swells, trap-esq drums and a prominently placed vocal from pseudo.

cln ‘Switch Gears’ feat. pseudo is available to download for free now.