JADA – Keep Cool

#NewMusic from Copenhagen, Denmark

Power to JADA. Not only has she created a truly momentous piece of music in ‘Keep Cool’ but delivered a statement of absolute self confidence with the accompanying video. Throughout the song she allows her voice to be both naked and doused in effects, as if to create two personas. The combination of the two, layered over the perfectly balanced musical base are simply divine. Our ears, eyes and mind await further illumination from the world of Jada. Arm your senses and indulge.

#NewMusic from Copenhagen, Denmark

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#NewMusic from Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen’s BLONDAGE are back with a booming new anthem ‘BOSS’, and that’s exactly what it is – straight boss.

Blondage ‘Boss is out now.

M.I.L.K. – A Memory of a Memory of a Postcard

#NewMusic from Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s the interstellar-tropical-yacht-rock debut from Copenhagen based artist M.I.L.K. There’s lashing of horns and ever so slightly husky vocals blending soulful elements with soulful instrumentation to create an enthralling listen.

The EP will continue to unfold throughout the rest of the year with a visual EP project including a video installation, six music videos, a photo series and an exhibition tour. Check the website for more details.

M.I.L.K. ‘A Memory of a Memory of a Postcard’ is out now.

Vera – In And Out Of Love

#NewMusic from Copenhagen, Denmark

An exasperated sounding vocal craftily auto tuned in places to great effect, smoky jazz bar sax solos, elastic guitars of varying styles (classical, Jai Paul, reggae) and wobbling stabs of heavily effected saloon piano.

Denmark’s Vera has definitely delivered on this surefire alt-pop classic.