Abi Ocia – Expo

#NewMusic from London, England

Think moody military drum rolls at the outset of an epic battle, followed by a moment of tranquillity before the two fuse together in perfect harmony. Abi Ocia sure knows how to conjure up emotive imagery through her music as she proved once again in 2017. Shame on us for sleeping on this one after Drums Eat Everything gave us such a good steer. More like this in 2018 please.

#NewMusic from London, England

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Drums Eat Everything – DV Mix (2017)

#Takeover #Mix Drums Eat Everything never miss a beat, literally. A week of top notch new music on their blog takeover and now a mix of the utmost quality

Drums Eat Everything never miss a beat, literally. A week of top notch new music on their blog takeover and now a mix of the utmost quality bringing together these tracks a few extra bonus features for fun. We literally couldn’t have asked for more.


Weslee ‘Gassed’
Krrum ‘Moon’
Snow Culture ‘No Sleep’
TWINKIDS ‘Overdressed’
Zola Blood ‘Nothing’
Charlotte Dos Santos ‘Red Clay’
Fortunes. ‘Linen’
S4U ‘Too Much’

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Much love for the selections, although we don’t quite agree that drums do eat everything. We say they need their good friend the bass to make music more digestible. Final week next week, check back tomorrow to find out who as we unveil their first pick.

S4U – Too Much [Drums Eat Everything Takeover]

#NewMusic from London, England

Ramping up the tempo for Saturday night is Drums Eat Everything’s final selection of the week. S4U ‘Too Much’ is a trap / R&B / garage hybrid that needs to be heard. Make yourself a mix cassette with this on and drive around the cul-de-sac for the full effect.

If you want to check out all the tracks selected by Drums Eat Everything during their week long Dash ‘n’ Verve takeover, plus their previous guest contributions to the blog, clickety click right here. Pretty sure we caught Drums Eat Everything DJing at a festival once. Bet these tracks would sound great if they threw them together in a mix…

S4U ‘Too Much’ is out now on Bank Holiday Records.

Fortunes. – Linen [Drums Eat Everything Takeover]

#NewMusic from Melbourne, Australia

An unexpected blend of trebly drums, soulful vocals, reggae influenced guitar stabs and deep eerie synths on Drums Eat Everything‘s penultimate selection of the week. Melbourne (Aus) via Hamilton (NZ) duo Fortunes. and their track ‘Linen’ caught our ear for sure.

Fortunes. ‘Linen’ is out now on Future Classic.

Charlotte Dos Santos – Red Clay [Drums Eat Everything Takeover]

#NewMusic from Oslo, Norway x New York, USA

Showing his soulful side, Drums Eat Everything have pulled an absolute beaut out of the bag with this track. Charlotte Dos Santos is a Norwegian composer / producer based in New York. Her track ‘Red Clay’ delivers a delightful blend of delicate keys, smooth bass runs and jazz flecked soulful vocal delivery.

Charlotte Dos Santos ‘Red Clay’ is out now on Fresh Selects.