Bon Voyage Organisation – Goma

#NewMusic from Orly, France

Using disco to explore world trade, cobalt mines and utopian ideals. Works for us. Beautifully fused international influences

“I tried to continue the musical expedition between dystopian Science-Fiction Haunted Africa and futuristic Asia. Addressing, in a double entendre manner, some of the political issues that I am sensitive to”

Debut album ‘Jungle? Quelle Jungle?’ due for release on 2 March 2018

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Superpoze – For We The Living [Quellequs Takeover]

#NewMusic from Paris, France

September sees us stepping down for a month long break. Don’t worry though, we’ve enlisted eight sublime ears to provide you with some superb new music picks from 2017.

Kicking us off is the original DV dapper don; Quellequs. A man of many mixes and catchphrases. Rumour has it he bagged his room at uni by describing himself to the landlord as a “man of Dash ‘n’ Verve”.

His first pick of the week is from Frenchman Superpoze with the title track from his album ‘For We The Living’. It’s a weighty ethereal number which we’re definitely on board with. The album’s out now, so go fetch!

Sacre – The Call

#NewMusic from Paris, France

We don’t know if it’s the slightly accented vocal, the way the bass pulse in the verse seems to bounce from the front to the back of your head or the dreamy synths that build as the song develops. Whatever it is we’re big fans of Sacre and their new track ‘The Call’.