Radio Days – DV#28 [The Final Stand]

#Radio The last outing on the radio had mixes from Brackles, Fitz, DJ Hoodwink, Jon Rust, Murray Gray and Lau. Fine times on DV#28 [The Final Stand]

They say that all good things come to an end. It is true of 2017, and so it was true of the Dash ‘n’ Verve radio show. On 11 June 2006 we dropped the fader for the last time, but not without welcoming back our favourite guest DJs from the past two years for some special send off mixes. We had Brackles, Fitz, DJ Hoodwink, Jon Rust, Murray Gray and Lau offer up their finest selections.

It was a good time for us and hopefully you’ve enjoyed winding back the clock and digging into our musical minds of yesteryear. A special thank you to everyone that featured on the show back in the day. We had a blast.

Tomorrow the new year starts and we’ll be there once again to bring you the finest selection of new music, plus a few throwbacks to the past. Happy New Year all.


Soulphiction / Intro

J Dilla / Lightworks
Madvillain feat. M.E.D. / Raid
Dirty Diggers / For the Haters
MF Doom / Hoe Cakes
Common feat. The Last Poets / The Corner
Virus Syndicate / Major List MCs
Kode 9 & Space Ape / Backward
Digital Mystikz / Haunted

J Dilla / The $
Madvillain / Accordian (Instrumental)

Jehst & Yungun / Slumber
Braintax / Riveira Hustle
Quasimoto / Greenery
Foreign Beggars / Where Did the Sun Go

He never told us. Grrr

Fat Freddy’s Drop / Cay’s Cray

Neither did he! Double Grrr

Plantlife / We Can Get High

Bugz in the Attic / Booty La La
4hero / The Scorcher
2 Bad Mice / Hold It Down
PFM / The Western
Photek / Complex

Tom Vek / Music Television

Gonzalo Rubalcaba / Paseo Morado *
Soil + Pimp Sessions / Fuller Love
Jazztronik / Arabesque *
United Future Organization / Tres Amigos
Harvey Lindo / Tomorrow’s World *

* No sign of these online

Loyle Carner – Yesterday's Gone

Whilst the tone of the album is downbeat in it’s lyrical content and musical timbres in places, we found ourselves uplifted by the honest and reflective nature of what Loyle Carner has to say on his solid debut album ‘Yesterday’s Gone’.

The laid back rhythms, occasional vinyl crackles, telephone line piano and expansive guitar sounds that wash around in the background provide a well balanced counterpoint to Carner’s conscious lyrical stream.

Just like Nice & Smooth said, sometimes he rhymes slow, sometimes he rhymes quick. Either way he does it, not with panache (there’s nothing showy about Carner’s style) but with command and confidence.

If you’re looking for a bucket to place it in, it’s got that 90s / early 2000s hip-hop feel. This label is backed up further by the presence of UK hip-hop royalty Jehst on ‘No Worries’. Other guests include Tom Misch, Rebel Kleff and Mum & Dad (genuinely credited on ‘Sun of Jean’).

If the musical world has any sense, this album will pave the way for Carner to share his musical musings on a wider stage. We hope that sense prevails. Take time to sit back, listen and reflect this weekend.