The Dash ‘n’ Verve Show #3 (21.1.18)

#Radio A whole weeks’ worth of #NewMusic as featured on the blog at, plus interviews from Kieran Martin, The Young Wizard, Blookah and Sita

Back with a bang, it’s The Dash ‘n’ Verve Show.

Loads of #NewMusic plus interviews with Kieran Martin and The Young Wizard out of the UK, Blookah and Sita repping the USA. Listen, share, enjoy.


The Empire Police / Heaven’s Discrepancies

The Blame / My Dreams

Kieran Martin / Anomaly

Mystic State / Berlin (feat. Gardna)

The Young Wizard / 80 Days Above

Blookah / Around The Sun

Sita / Around Me

The Dash ‘n’ Verve Show is produced by The Tone Workshop

Kieran Martin – Anomaly

#NewMusic from Croydon, England

This one’s both surreal and slick all at the same time. The soundscape is futuristic and regularly shocks you with a new sound darting from somewhere in the stereo field. Kieran Martin’s R&B-esq vocal and occasional splash of spoken word could sound out of place. It doesn’t though. He blends the two styles with poise. Make sure you listen to the rest of his ‘Purple’ EP.

#NewMusic from Croydon, England

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