The Dash ‘n’ Verve Show #1 (7.1.18)

#Radio featuring #NewMusic and interviews with Abi Ocia, Linn Koch-Emmery, Snow Culture and Luke Peter Foster

The Dash ‘n’ Verve Show is back. Every Sunday we play back all the #NewMusic featured on the blog that week and interviews with the artists.

We kick off 2018 with interviews from Abi Ocia, Linn Koch-Emmery, Snow Culture and Luke Peter Foster. Listen, share, enjoy.


Abi OciaExpo

Linn Koch-EmmeryBby Nevermind + Forever Sounds

Snow Culture / Slow Down

Luke Peter Foster / The Girl in my Car [EP] (Picking Flowers, Flicking Petals + Home (instrumental) + Where You Going?)

Rhea / Views

Kazumi Kaneda / Night Fox

Taiwan MC / Catalina (Numa Crew Remix)

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Luke Peter Foster – The Girl in my Car [EP]

#NewMusic from Nottingham, England

Consistently one of the most innovative and thought provoking spoken word artists we encountered in 2017. This one snuck out before Christmas and it was a gift indeed. From sombre to frenetic to mellow, this EP’s got it all (beats supplied by Clyde). Our only complaint, we don’t hear enough from him. LPF, please may we have an album full in 2018. Preferably on a slightly crackly vinyl.

#NewMusic from Nottingham, England

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Luke Peter Foster – You, Pretty Blue [EP]

#NewMusic from Nottingham, UK

We return to the mellow, lo-fi, spoken word world of hip-hop again

Also heard on Luke Peter Foster Even When It Pours [EP]

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5 Must See Acts – Dot to Dot Nottingham (2017)

#FestivalPreview Our ‘5 Must See Acts’ playing at Dot 2 Dot Festival in Nottingham

The third and final day of Dot 2 Dot previews and this time we’re going the extra mile and giving you “5 Must See Acts”. There are over 150 acts listed for the Nottingham leg of the festival which takes place on Sunday 28 May. Yep, you’ve guessed it, we listened to the lot. Here’s our selection.

Luke Peter Foster (@LukePeterFoster)

Yes we did do a review of his EP It’s Even When It Pours earlier in the week, and boy are we pleased to see that he’s bringing his mellow spoken word vibes to Nottingham.

Where: The Ned Ludd, 27 Friar Lane, Nottingham, NG1 6DA
Showtime: Sunday 28 May @ 17:00

Cherry Hex & The Dream Church (@CHandtheDC)

Eerie, minimal electro-pop fronted with ever so slightly sultry vocals. Oh, and a xylophone.

Where: Rough Trade, 5 Broad Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AJ
Showtime: Sunday 28 May @ 17:00

Three Body Trio (@ThreeBodyTrio)

Stuttering beats, dub-style production and oh so much groove. If Dilla and Spacek had linked up more and invited Flying Lotus along to the party, it may have sounded like this.

Where: Malt Cross, 16 St James’s Street, Nottingham NG1 6FG
Showtime: Sunday 28 May @ 18:00

Patawawa (@patawawa)

Gloriously infectious disco-pop from this Matlock trio. You won’t fail to smile during their set.

Where: The Orange Tree, 38 Shakespeare Street, Nottingham, NG1 4FQ
Showtime: Sunday 28 May @ 18:00

Shelter Point (@_shelterpoint)

Joining the dots between dreams and nightmares through music that has both glass like delicacy and bass sounds that are bouncier than a trampoline.

Where: Rough Trade, 5 Broad Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AJ
Showtime: Sunday 28 May @ 22:00

Nottingham definitely looks to be offering up something different and with these guys all on the roster it’s sure to be a great closing day to Dot 2 Dot. As always, get out and support this awesome new music in all its live glory.

Luke Peter Foster – Even When It Pours [EP]

#NewMusic Nottingham, England

Thoughtful spoken word from the East of England (now residing in Nottingham) courtesy of Luke Peter Foster. Delivered over a bed of delicate guitar flourishes, gentle beats and ever so slightly discordant pianos. The ‘Even When It Pours’ EP is a marker in the map for an alternative rap movement that is gaining momentum daily in the UK.

If you like this, you’ll love fellow East Anglians (Angles, Anglanites …?) Maya Law, Allergy Kid and High Priest Cabrakan (together as Cabrakid).