Sneakers – Come Around Sundown

#NewMusic from Auckland, New Zealand

Sneakers is a soul filled collaborative community of musicians and artists from the streets of Auckland, New Zealand. Their debut track ‘Come Around Sundown’ has got us nostalgic about the summer that has just gone (and is probably just arriving in NZ). Ah that sultry sax at sundown would be so sweet (enough alliteration already!). Have a listen, you’ll like it.

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Lord Echo – Just Do You (feat. Mara TK) [Quellequs Takeover]

#NewMusic from Wellington, New Zealand

Ok, so strictly speaking this one came out in December 2016, but the run up to Christmas and New Year is always hectic so we can all forgive Quellequs for not clocking this mellow disco gem until this year. Lord Echo ‘Just Do You (feat. Mara TK)’ is as smooth as Quellequs’s lion-like mane, we’re sure you’ll love it.

There’s more to come from Quellequs this week on the blog. If you’ve missed any of his previous contributions to Dash ‘n’ Verve, take a look by clicking here.

Lord Echo ‘Just Do You (feat. Mara TK)’ is out now on Soundway Records, as is his ace album Harmonies‘.

Benny Tones – Maybe In The Stars (feat. Raiza Biza)

#NewMusic from Wellington, New Zealand

Considered as the 4th member of New Zealand soul band Electric Wire Hustle, Benny Tones is a producer and sound / mastering engineer who also worked for many other artists such as Julien Dyne or Iva Lamkum in his Organik Muzik Workz studio.

His exquisite production and stunning ambient soul takes its roots in the smooth and warm Golden Bay where he grew up.

‘Maybe In The Stars’ features galactic dreamscape sounds, a kick that wants to break out all on its own but maintains its composure. Each phase of Raiza Biza’s sublimely annunciated rhymes is punctuated by a splash cymbal that expands in the sonic field before disappearing.

Benny Tones ‘Maybe In The Stars’ is out now on Airdrop Records.

alayna – Falling Autumn

#NewMusic from Brooklyn, USA

Newcomer alayna offers beautifully soft and sweet vocals on her debut ‘Falling Autumn’. Presented over a bed of clean guitar licks, a thick slab of slow bass drones and atmospheric sounds to drift away to, it’s a heady combo and well worth a look.

Production from Astronomyy. Released on 20xx.