Great News – TOLD

#NewMusic from Bergen, Norway

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d started at the expansive euphoric end of a track when you listen to the opening bars of Bergen trio Great News and their new track ‘TOLD’. It just gets bigger and bigger. The wide open choruses make way for tonally balanced guitar and vocal parts in the verses. There’s an urgency to the beat that is always moving you forward.

#NewMusic from Bergen, Norway

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Dagny – Love You Like That

#NewMusic from Tromsø, Norway

Dagny is from Tromsø, Norway (like way in the north where it’s seriously cold). She sure knows how to pen a catchy pop tune with plenty of warmth. Her latest track ‘Love You Like That’ is exactly that. It also made us want to find a lighter and hold in the air during the intro. Just saying.

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Chinook – Bones

#NewMusic from Sør-Fron, Norway

Chinook is a Dutch-Norwegian artist. Her latest track ‘Bones’ combines that Jamie xx steel drum sound we’ve all grown to love with Banks-esq vocals to create a tropical sweet pop pleaser.

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Great News – Never Get My Love

#NewMusic from Bergen, Norway

Great News hail from the icy fjords of Bergen, Norway. They fuse 90s Madchester beats with hazy tropical soundscapes on their latest track ‘Never Get My Love’ which will feature on their forthcoming debut LP ‘Wonderfault’.

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Charlotte Dos Santos – Red Clay [Drums Eat Everything Takeover]

#NewMusic from Oslo, Norway x New York, USA

Showing his soulful side, Drums Eat Everything have pulled an absolute beaut out of the bag with this track. Charlotte Dos Santos is a Norwegian composer / producer based in New York. Her track ‘Red Clay’ delivers a delightful blend of delicate keys, smooth bass runs and jazz flecked soulful vocal delivery.

Charlotte Dos Santos ‘Red Clay’ is out now on Fresh Selects.