Quellequs – DV Mix (2017)

#Takeover #Mix blending together his fave #NewMusic of 2017 to celebrate his blog takeover

Well here’s a treat for you all on this September Sunday; a fresh mix of Quellequs’s favourite 2017 jams for your aural delight. For those of you who ever caught one of the original Dash ‘n’ Verve radio shows (yes mum, we mean you), you’ll know of his prowess with a pair of 1210s. Sadly those are now collecting dust in his loft along with the monster Mission speakers, but that didn’t stop him putting this cracking collection together.


Superpoze ‘For We The Living’
Ibibio Sound Machine ‘Cry (Eyed)’
Jonathan Terrell ‘Color Me Lucky (Gold VHS Remix)’
Lord Echo ‘Just Do You (feat. Mara TK)’
Daphni ‘Hey Drum’
Quantic + Nidia Góngora ‘Que Me Duele?’
Sylvan Esso ‘Kick Jump Twist’

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A massive thanks to the original man of “dash ‘n’ verve” for his great picks and mix. Make sure you head back tomorrow when the baton will be passed to our next takeover guest.

Quantic & Nidia Góngora – Que Me Duele? [Quellequs Takeover]

#NewMusic from Brooklyn, USA x Timbiqui, Colombia

It’s the final pick from the original man of ‘Dash ‘n’ Verve’, Quellequs, on his week long takeover. Today he’s inviting us all to join him for a tropical dance explosion littered with West African influences and rhythms courtesy of Quantic & Nidia Góngora on their track ‘Que Me Duele?’.

What a way to round out the week. You can listen to all the tracks Quellequs picked on his Dash ‘n’ Verve by clicking here. If only there was more, a sweet mix of all of the great tracks Quellequs chose plus a few extras for good measure. Hmm, now there’s a thought…

Quantic & Nidia Góngora ‘Que Me Duele?’ is out now on Tru Thoughts.

Daphni – Hey Drum [Quellequs Takeover]

#NewMusic from Dundas, Canada x London, England

Day four of the Quellequs takeover on Dash ‘n’ Verve and what a treat we have today. Dan Snaith a.k.a Caribou a.k.a Daphni dropped the surreal tribal beat meets dance floor break epic ‘Hey Drum’ earlier this year.

We remember catching Caribou live with Quellequs a few years back at The Warehouse Project. This kid has some moves, ask him to show you some time.

Quellequs has one more pick for us this week, so make sure you return in a couple of days for that. To listen to all his picks and previous contributions to Dash ‘n’ Verve click your little left mouse button thing here.

Daphni ‘Hey Drum’ is out now on Jiaolong.

Lord Echo – Just Do You (feat. Mara TK) [Quellequs Takeover]

#NewMusic from Wellington, New Zealand

Ok, so strictly speaking this one came out in December 2016, but the run up to Christmas and New Year is always hectic so we can all forgive Quellequs for not clocking this mellow disco gem until this year. Lord Echo ‘Just Do You (feat. Mara TK)’ is as smooth as Quellequs’s lion-like mane, we’re sure you’ll love it.

There’s more to come from Quellequs this week on the blog. If you’ve missed any of his previous contributions to Dash ‘n’ Verve, take a look by clicking here.

Lord Echo ‘Just Do You (feat. Mara TK)’ is out now on Soundway Records, as is his ace album Harmonies‘.

Jonathan Terrell – Color Me Lucky (Gold VHS Remix) [Quellequs Takeover]

#NewMusic from Austin, USA

Quellequs continues his week long Dash ‘n’ Verve takeover with the gentle electronic disco bounce of Jonathan Terrell ‘Color Me Lucky (Gold VHS Remix)’.

Stick around for more prime picks from Quellequs all week on the blog. You can also check out his previous contributions to Dash ‘n’ Verve by clicking here.

Jonathan Terrell ‘Color Me Lucky (Gold VHS Remix)’ is out now on Nine Mile Records.