Bakongo – Awe / Bout It

#NewMusic from London, England

Did you know Roska had an afrobeat alter ego? No, well you should. Bakongo is the project, ‘Awe’ and ‘Bout It’ are the tracks. Both still have that distinctive Roska sound coursing through their bass fuelled veins, but offer something a little different at the same time.

If you want to go all the way back then check out ‘Grind’ released last year on Melé’s Quadrants label.

Bakongo ‘Awe’ / ‘Bout It’ is out now on Pinkturban.


Mosca – Done Me Wrong / Bax

I didn’t really latch on to Mosca first time around. Releasing his debut offering, the Square One EP, on Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990’s club night turned label, Night Slugs, in 2010, I heard the hype but just wasn’t being pushed over the edge into euphoria for the music like others seemed to be.

And I mean, this EP got plaudits. The “b-side”, Nike got voted superblog XLR8R’s track of 2010, and when you have five (you can only just count ’em on one hand) remixes of the title track on your debut release from names like Roska, Julio Bashmore, Greena, L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok, there’s clearly something nifty going on.

So, the record collection was still awaiting it’s first Mosca purchase. Needless to say (you may have seen this coming), it’s now happened. Marking the 16th release on the Numbers label, Done Me Wrong / Bax is a heady throwback to garage sounds from 10 years ago muddled with an assortment of tropical bells and elastic dubby stabs.

No Mars bars will be awarded for guessing the influences that have gone into these tracks, they’re pretty clear. What I like is that there are so many and that they come together in such a coherent way. There’s mellow moments, the face is screwed in appreciation at others, and you’re definitely stepping the whole way through.

You’ll undoubtedly hear both of these tracks jammed into sets up and down the land for the rest of the year. If you’re up late after a club session next Wednesday night, I highly recommend tuning into Benji B where Mosca will be having a chin wag and tickling us with a 30 minute mix.

Done Me Wrong by Mosca

Bax by Mosca

“Come on!”

Champion – Rainforest [EP]

Remember Remember The 5th of December… cos Champion’s War Dance will drop! That’s how the saying goes yeah? Hmm, well it probably will do soon. I’ve been following the latest offering from Champion after first hearing it on Benji B’s Radio 1 show a month or so ago. It makes me happy that it’s now got a release date.

Bleeping, laser beaming and shuffling into the descending bass hook, Champion’s War Dance is a big time roller. Released on the increasingly prolific Roska’s Kicks & Snares (‘RKS’) label as part of the Rainforest EP, the track features the almost trademark, stuttering DJ name vocal layered over the top. It works for Roska, and it works for me on this one too.

The EP also features modern tribal offering; Rainforest, complete with atmospheric monkey chorus and native chants. Finishing off the three track release is Selecta, featuring garage shouts and rewinds hot from 2000, over a fresh and crisp Champion 2011 beat.

No complete track to listen to just yet (well, there’s this rip off the Benji B show), but here’s a nice sneak peak of all three tracks from the RKS Soundcloud.

Check Champion on Twitter – @Champion_DJ