Laura Butula – Orange Juice

#NewMusic from Moscow, Russia

Such a beautiful, raw, vintage sound on this track from Laura Butula. Another glass of ‘Orange Juice’ for us please!

#NewMusic from Moscow, Russia

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LIOHN – Bone App The Teeth

#NewMusic from Sweden x Russia

Now there’s a clever play on words. There are plenty of food and kitchen implement innuendos on LIOHN’s slick new track ‘Bone App The Teeth’. A slow tempo bubbler with trappy drums, a pitched vocal and a great staccato riff.

LIOHN ‘Bone App The Teeth’ is available for free download now.

Spotted on Discobelle.

Pixelord & Juke Ellington – Chrono Echoes (Broken Haze Remix)

#NewMusic from Novosibirsk, Russia x Tokyo, Japan

Finishing up our globe trotting Sunday round up, here’s a hectic dance floor destroyer for you. Pixelord & Juke Ellington released the ‘Chrono Echoes’ EP on Trekkie Trax including the Broken Haze remix which we are really digging. Expect very hard beats, heavily effected vocal and lots of “things being smashed” sound effects.

Pixelord & Juke Ellington ‘Chrono Echoes’ (Broken Haze Remix) is out now.