Lord Echo – Just Do You (feat. Mara TK) [Quellequs Takeover]

#NewMusic from Wellington, New Zealand

Ok, so strictly speaking this one came out in December 2016, but the run up to Christmas and New Year is always hectic so we can all forgive Quellequs for not clocking this mellow disco gem until this year. Lord Echo ‘Just Do You (feat. Mara TK)’ is as smooth as Quellequs’s lion-like mane, we’re sure you’ll love it.

There’s more to come from Quellequs this week on the blog. If you’ve missed any of his previous contributions to Dash ‘n’ Verve, take a look by clicking here.

Lord Echo ‘Just Do You (feat. Mara TK)’ is out now on Soundway Records, as is his ace album Harmonies‘.

Flamingods – Gojira

A five piece band making “Exotic Psychedelia” and formed in Bahrain you say? Yes we do, and they are called Flamingods.

‘Gorija’ is a flighty audial experience lush with scattered drum rhythms and guitar breaks which explodes into an electrical pulse driven frenzy as it rises and then dips before climaxing. We think they’ve captured the mood rather well with the visuals too.

Their adventurous album Majesty was released on Soundway Records this year. Time to jump on your magic carpet to the record store to buy it.

iZem – Hafa

If you’re a fan of sounds developed as a result of a globetrotting musician indulging in cross-cultural collaborations, then iZem – Hafa, released on the most excellent Soundway Records is an absolute must.

The album charts an exploration through Latin, African and Arabic influences, blending together beautifully analogue and synthesised elements.

Sit yourself down at the end of a hard day, pour yourself a glass of something delicious and lose yourself in the inspirational soundscapes that this album has to offer. Then go and get yourself a ticket for one of the live shows coming up later this year.