D Double E – Shenanigans

#NewVideo Once again, D Double E has delivered the Grime goods. A big beat, quality rhymes and a hype video

Once again, D Double E has delivered the Grime goods. A big beat (courtesy of Swifta Beater), quality rhymes (“Them man come like Ian Beale. Us man move like Grant and Phil”) and a hype video (see below).

It’s no fluke though, D Double E videos are always tip top. Original ideas, classic lines and D Double E just being a don. Here’s a few of our favourites.

Anyone that can blend the names of the full cast of Street Fighter into a tune is on top of their game. Well, D Double E did it on this DJ Swerve produced track. Our personal favourite “Give me the mic and let me ride the riddim, cos I spit the fire just like Dhalsim”.

Funk vibes, Swindle on production, plenty of “reem reem” and “ba da bup bup”. It’s just a day in the life of D Double E.

D Double E ‘Shenanigans’ is out now on Bluku Music.

Róisín Murphy – Exploitation

Two for the price of one today kids. We’re big fans of Miss Róisín Murphy at DV (yes to Ossie on the remix of her band Moloko’s track Sing it Back). This is one of her own and is coupled with an engaging mini movie video.

It’s the Swindle remix that’s been bumping in the low rider as we ride between N16 and N17 though. There’s a definite splash of De La Soul in the claps.