The Dash ‘n’ Verve Show #3 (21.1.18)

#Radio A whole weeks’ worth of #NewMusic as featured on the blog at, plus interviews from Kieran Martin, The Young Wizard, Blookah and Sita

Back with a bang, it’s The Dash ‘n’ Verve Show.

Loads of #NewMusic plus interviews with Kieran Martin and The Young Wizard out of the UK, Blookah and Sita repping the USA. Listen, share, enjoy.


The Empire Police / Heaven’s Discrepancies

The Blame / My Dreams

Kieran Martin / Anomaly

Mystic State / Berlin (feat. Gardna)

The Young Wizard / 80 Days Above

Blookah / Around The Sun

Sita / Around Me

The Dash ‘n’ Verve Show is produced by The Tone Workshop

The Blame – My Dreams

#NewMusic from Liverpool, England

This is a soaring example of the British independent music sound that we hope never dies. Poignantly told tales atop jangling guitars, a plump bass and drums that pound through without every sounding over powering. No doubt they’ll do this justice on a live stage too. Check them out when they hit a venue near you.

#NewMusic from Liverpool, England

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