Radio Days – DV#28 [The Final Stand]

#Radio The last outing on the radio had mixes from Brackles, Fitz, DJ Hoodwink, Jon Rust, Murray Gray and Lau. Fine times on DV#28 [The Final Stand]

They say that all good things come to an end. It is true of 2017, and so it was true of the Dash ‘n’ Verve radio show. On 11 June 2006 we dropped the fader for the last time, but not without welcoming back our favourite guest DJs from the past two years for some special send off mixes. We had Brackles, Fitz, DJ Hoodwink, Jon Rust, Murray Gray and Lau offer up their finest selections.

It was a good time for us and hopefully you’ve enjoyed winding back the clock and digging into our musical minds of yesteryear. A special thank you to everyone that featured on the show back in the day. We had a blast.

Tomorrow the new year starts and we’ll be there once again to bring you the finest selection of new music, plus a few throwbacks to the past. Happy New Year all.


Soulphiction / Intro

J Dilla / Lightworks
Madvillain feat. M.E.D. / Raid
Dirty Diggers / For the Haters
MF Doom / Hoe Cakes
Common feat. The Last Poets / The Corner
Virus Syndicate / Major List MCs
Kode 9 & Space Ape / Backward
Digital Mystikz / Haunted

J Dilla / The $
Madvillain / Accordian (Instrumental)

Jehst & Yungun / Slumber
Braintax / Riveira Hustle
Quasimoto / Greenery
Foreign Beggars / Where Did the Sun Go

He never told us. Grrr

Fat Freddy’s Drop / Cay’s Cray

Neither did he! Double Grrr

Plantlife / We Can Get High

Bugz in the Attic / Booty La La
4hero / The Scorcher
2 Bad Mice / Hold It Down
PFM / The Western
Photek / Complex

Tom Vek / Music Television

Gonzalo Rubalcaba / Paseo Morado *
Soil + Pimp Sessions / Fuller Love
Jazztronik / Arabesque *
United Future Organization / Tres Amigos
Harvey Lindo / Tomorrow’s World *

* No sign of these online

Radio Days – DV#11

#Radio Time for our first best of edition. DV#11 was a worldwide round up 2005’s finest music

2005 was drawing to a close and we wanted to remember the best music we’d heard that year. So here it is (or was – which is it?).


How About A Game of Chess / Dells Bells

Roots Manuva / Chin High
Kano / No-one Don’t Dance No More (Remix)
Bugz In The Attic / Booty La La
DJ Mentat feat. Skinnyman / When I Give My Heart To You (Joe Buddah Remix)
Alice Russell / All Over Now

Amerie / One Thing
Common / Be
Plantlife / Your Love
Platinum Pied Pipers / Stay With Me
Quasimoto / Greenery
DangerDoom feat. Talib Kweli / Old Skool

Mandy Vs. Booka Shade / Body Language
Switch / A Bit Patchy

Recloose feat. Joe Dukie / Dust (Demo Mix)
Fat Freddy’s Drop / Roady
Scribe / Not Many (Remix)

Four Tet feat. Percee P / A Joy
LCD Soundsystem / Disco Infiltrator
Tom Vek / Music Television
Little Barrie / Long Hair

Daedulus / Just Briefly

Radio Days – DV#9

#Radio On DV9 we invited Brackles in for his first guestmix on the Dash ‘n’ Verve show

Well aren’t you in for a treat today. DV#9 sees the first time a young DJ by the name of Brackles featured on the show. He did a mega mish mash of a mix for us and gave us the track listing to boot. Delightful.


Rodney P / The Nice Up
De La Soul / A Roller Skate Jam Named “Saturdays”
Roots Manuva / Awfully Deep
Daedulus feat. BusDriver / Quiet Now

Ohmega Whatts / Mind Power
Yesterday’s New Quintet / The Horse
Four Tet feat. Percee P / A Joy
Colossus / Thrupenny Bits
The Nextmen feat. Dynamite MC / Blood Fire
Fat Freddy’s Drop / Roady (The Nextmen Walnut Mix)
Lee Perry / Dyon Anaswa
De La Soul feat. MF Doom / Rock Co.Kane Flow
The U.N. / D.O.A. (Lewis Parker Remix)
Mpho Skeef feat. Yogi / Holla
Boxcutter / Brood
Kode9 + The Space Ape / Kingstown

Tom Vek / Music Television
RJD2 / 1976
Nathan Haines / Wonderful Thing
MAW presents B.O.P. / Zabalaza (Dubb Vocal)
Shaun Escoffery / Space Rider (MJ Cole Remix)

Ain't Nothing Fresher

There’s an Indian Summer blazing away in Britain. It’s even managed to show it’s face in Manchester, a city famed for year round drizzle. Adding to that the fact that universities are now back in full swing, means Oxford Road has been a very vibrant and colourful place this week.

Seeing all the bright eyed Freshers, student loans in pocket, snakebites in hand, got me reminiscing about the “best years of my life”. Memories of those (not too) distant uni times always come coupled with sounds, music, particular songs that really punctuated the whole experience for me. I’m going to remind some, and introduce others to three songs that may have passed you by but certainly left their mark on me. Oh, and because we’re all lazy bastards these days, I’ll even post some links so you can listen whilst you read.

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Wandering Eye

This track is one of ten phenomenal tracks from the debut full length offering from New Zealand’s most soulful dubists, Fat Freddy’s Drop. I treated myself to a copy of Based on a True Story for my birthday in the winter of my final year and boy did it see my through those dreary final exam days.

The album’s a journey, waking you up with the piano stabs of “Ernie”, walking you down the stairs to breakfast with the gentle shuffle of “Cay’s Crays” as you still brush the sleep from your eyes. It takes you to more melancholy, reflective places as you reach midday and “Dark Days” before firing up the end of the day party with “Roady” and “Wandering Eye”. Finally you’re eased into the early morning post party lull by the softest of Joe Dukie vocals and watery, dream like soundscapes of “Del Fuego”.

Why, Wandering Eye? That song does for me in one track what the whole album combined also achieves, it takes you on a journey. It has the time to do it as well, being nearly ten minutes in length. But at no point do you feel it’s gone on too long. I’m sitting back with a satisfied sigh as I think about this track.

Tom Vek – Music Television

You won’t know this song, well if you do, you’re more in tune with the work of Tom Vernon-Kell (a.k.a. Tom Vek) than I first gave you credit for.

I first heard of Tom Vek when Ed told me he’d managed to blag us not only a couple of tickets to his gig in Nottingham, but a little chin wag pre show. I’ll be honest, I’d not heard any of his music before I wandered up the street leading to the door of the Rescue Rooms where he was going to be playing later that night. From behind the half closed door I could hear three chords blasting out with rhythmic simplicity, the line “I’d be lost without you” ringing almost shrilly over the top. I had a feeling I was going to like this guy.

We chatted for half an hour or so about the usual unintelligent stuff junior interviewers babble on about; What’s your favourite type of fish? How much was your bus fare to the venue? What fascinated me most about Vek as we spoke was how wide and varied his abilities were. Not only was he writing and playing pretty much everything on his recordings, he spoke excitedly about the design process for his album and single artwork that he was also a heavy contributor towards. I have a feeling he also had a hand in coming up with the video concepts too (the video for C-C (You Set The Fire In Me) is a cracking example).

But what was that track I heard? It’s called “Music Television”. Not on any of his albums, you could only get it as a B-side to the 7″ single of “Nothing But Green Lights”. I suggest you go out and get it, pitch it up 1.5% on the turntable, sit back and enjoy. Failing that, I managed to find this clip on YouTube of him performing it at the gig in Nottingham back in 2005. Happy Days.

Roy Davis Jr. – Gabrielle feat. Peven Everett (Live Garage Mix)

But this song is ooooold! Yeah I know it is, nearly 15 years old now. Regardless of when this was released, this was one of those songs that just kept cropping up at exactly the right time for me. I remember buzzing after Quellequs expertly slid it into a radio show one Tuesday night, then hearing it as a closing track at the end of an awesome night out a few weeks later (I think Brackles was the selector that time).

Peven Everett’s vocal is like a relaxing mug of warm milk pre bed time over the top of the garage/disco beat. The hum-a-long horn line (also performed by Everett I am informed) that comes in at the chorus bringing the track to the boil.

I catch this song on the radio maybe once a year and instantly lose interest in everything else that’s going on around me, I can’t help but give it my undivided attention. This track could be my “Love Shack”, and by that I mean a track that I should not be allowed to hear whilst in control of a car (my dad once drove straight into a farmer’s field after missing a 90 degree corner whilst singing along to the B52’s Love Shack).

Drop this one on the stereo as you return home from your Friday night session, it will set you up nicely for the weekend ahead. It certainly has for me.