Low End Activist feat. Trim – Park End (Frits Wentink Remix)

#NewMusic from UK x Netherlands

An ethereal, lazy, melodic hip hop spin on the wonky garage original

Also heard on Trim RPG

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Luke Peter Foster – You, Pretty Blue [EP]

#NewMusic from Nottingham, UK

We return to the mellow, lo-fi, spoken word world of hip-hop again

Also heard on Luke Peter Foster Even When It Pours [EP]

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Ki Yoshi – Not Tonight

#NewMusic from London, England

A vocal full of soul and emotion. A backdrop that’s deep, tropical and warped

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Yellow Days – Holding On

#NewMusic from Haslemere, England

Yellow Days (or George van den Broek to his bank manager) is from Haslemere, UK. You’ve probably heard some of his pretty exceptional music already. If you haven’t, then his latest track ‘Holding On’ is a great place to start.

A melancholy windy beach stroll of a tune. We’re pretty sure you can hear the tears of a lonely seagull falling into empty bags of fish and chips between notes on the organ riff at the end.

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Carmody – Like That

#NewMusic from London, England

Carmody is a singer/songwriter from London, UK. She writes the most serene tracks, her latest offering ‘Like That’ is no exception.

The song begins with her faultless, cloud-light vocal soaring above a tranquil lake of music. Whilst sonic-stones hit the water and send ripples through the song as you head into the chorus, her vocal presence remains strong and unwavering. Let this one calm you after your hectic week.

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