Malihini – Miss

#NewMusic from London, England

London x Rome duo Malihini (Giampaolo Speziale and Federica Caiozzo) have announced their debut headline show at The Waiting Room, London on 2nd October and entreated us all to join them with their new single ‘Miss’.

The hypnotically repetitive tinkle of the hook acts as the backbone to the song as it evolves. The layering of expansive bass drones, swirls of guitars and soft, delicate vocals from Caiozzo over the top of Speziale’s Brandon Boyd-esq lead culminates in a descending three chord explosion of sound.

Malihini ‘Miss’ is out now via Memphis Industries.

Park Hotel – Going West

#NewMusic from London, England

Park Hotel are a post-electronic dance band based in London. Centred on the creative duo of Tim Abbey and Rebeca Marcos-Roca, they explore the mirrorball-noir territory between alternative arena electronica and wired downtown songwriting.

The combo of Abbey and Marcos-Roca’s vocal on their new single ‘Going West’ balances beautifully over the fun and full band sound that keeps the track bouncing forward (or west maybe).

Park Hotel ‘Going West’ is out now.

HALEM – Do You Miss Me Now

#NewMusic from Liverpool, England

It’s not often you get a Liverpudlian and a Mancunian seeing eye to eye, especially when it comes to music. Thankfully Katy Bryson and Reece Cairns, who together make up HALEM, do get along and together they produce pretty awesome electro-pop.

On new single ‘Do You Miss Me Now’ Bryson’s vocals soar with effortless power over Cairns’ equally gutsy slow beat, bass swells and oriental sounding hook. It’s damn catchy this one.

HALEM ‘Do You Miss Me Now’ is out now.

Hi5ghost – Fracture

#NewMusic from Bristol, England

Bristol producer and label boss at PaperCranes Hi5ghost has delivered a classic with ‘Fracture’. Slowly spinning synth swells interrupted by choice pockets of bass, hyper-speed drum rolls and peppered with computer game effects in various states of sonic alteration.

Check out more of Hi5ghost‘s tracks on his SoundCloud.

Shouts to master illustrator David J Plant for the tip on this one over the Primavera Sound weekend.

Vivienne Chi – VIVIENNE

#NewMusic from London, England

The new track ‘VIVIENNE’ from London singer Vivienne Chi is an almighty alt-pop romp fronted by Chi’s emotive, powerful vocal. Transfixing sounds!

Vivienne Chi ‘VIVIENNE’ is out now.