#NewMusic Brighton x London, England

A hefty whack of full face fuzz guitar, drums getting a ruddy good smashing and a great use of vocals that remain on the brink of shouting but still have all the impact of a good old holler.

We’re excited to hear what else this foursome have got to say for themselves. One thing’s for sure, it’ll be grunty, fuzzy and a bit narked.

BEACH RIOT play The Lock Tavern, Camden on Thursday 25 May 2017.

RINNGS – Cutting The Cloth

#NewMusic London, England

RINNGS are a London based duo of multi-instrumentalists who decided to make a band where neither of them plays any instruments and everything is made out of vocals and drums (which don’t count). Here’s their new track ‘Cutting The Cloth’.

The result is alt-pop which blends a toy box of sound effects with spacious low frequency swells, a pleading vocal (that breaks down at points in the chorus to emphasise the pain) and angelic backing vocals.

RINNGS released ‘Cutting The Cloth’ through Wow & Flutter Music.

Breakfast Muff – Baby Boomers

#NewMusic from Glasgow, Scotland

Aaaaaaaaaagh! That’s us attempting to be angry over the internet. Why don’t you just listen to Glasgow pop-punk trio Breakfast Muff and their track ‘Baby Boomers’ instead, they do a much better job of that emotion than us.

Out tomorrow on Amour Foo with a rather splendid vinyl option.

Swim Mountain – Anyone [EP]

#NewMusic from London, England

It’s a blend of wah-wah guitars, a varied spectrum of 80s sounding keyboard solos and stripped back drum sample sounds on London artist / producer Swim Mountain’s ‘Anyone’ EP. His debut release on Tourist’s Monday Records.

Laid back opening track ‘All I Care About’ is a hazy dream of emotional vocal exchanges over a plucky bass and the most organic sounding drums on the EP. There’s also a fantastic Stevie Wonder sounding keys chord that ends the track. Nice touch!

There’s a theme of distinctive keys sounds through the EP, the 80s prom scene sound that appears in the breakdown to the bittersweet tale of realisation ‘Anyone’ being a fine example.

That retro feel is is kept up on ‘Same Mistake’ with it’s unfussy drum machine beat and shimmering chords that seem to wobble slightly out of key as they find their place. But it’s more like the motor in your tape deck is speeding up in time with the music every time a chord changes, rather than poor playing.

The panning of the guitar parts and ever distinctive keys stabs in ‘Wait For Me’ has your attention darting around with excitement, again over an uncluttered beat that knows when to add emphasis to lift the song at key points.

The Swim Mountain ‘Anyone’ EP is released on Monday Records next Friday, 29 May 2017.

Cotton Wolf – Avalon

#NewMusic from Cardiff, Wales

Cotton Wolf are the union of Welsh producer Llion Robertson and classically-trained composer Seb Goldfinch. They have released their debut nine-track album ‘Life In Analogue’ through Cardiff label Bubblewrap Collective both digitally and on vinyl.

The mesmerising video for stand out track ‘Avalon’ sees a lone dancer (Kim Noble) explore shapes and the warehouse space she finds herself in, flipping character mid-way through. The song rises steadily through a series of soft siren like swells underpinned with heavy pillars of complementary bass drones. A morse code like pulse resonates throughout.

Cotton Wolf‘s debut album Life In Analogue’ is out now on Bubblewrap Collective.

Cotton Wolf is not a 30yr old Welsh gamer as far as we are aware.